Which Laser Hair Removal Machine is Best for Clinics?

In the UK, one of the most lucrative beauty treatments is laser hair removal, and many clinics focus on this process above all others. So, if you already own a salon, or are planning on opening one, it makes financial sense to specialise in hair removal.

In order to decide which of the numerous laser hair removal machines is the right one for you, your salon and your clients, it pays to do your research and weigh up the pros and cons.

What Should You Look For in a Laser Hair Removal Machine?

In order to make an informed choice when reviewing which machine to purchase, there are a few factors to consider.


With everyone living a fast-paced life, aesthetic consumers demand near-instant gratification and are only satisfied when the treatment is not only excellent but super-fast, too. The time from entering the clinic to leaving once their appointment is completed should be as short as possible, without any compromise on customer service or quality of treatment.

In order to keep the treatment time as short as possible, it is crucial to consider spot size, and speed of pulse generation. The larger the spot size, the larger the body area that can be treated. It’s also the case that larger spot sizes lead to a deeper skin penetration, with the laser being able to reach the deepest follicles. On smaller, more delicate regions, such as the face, a reduced, more focused spot size should be used. Professional laser hair removal machines should have the ability to work on small and large areas.

The other feature that ensures a super quick hair removal process is pulse speed. Each pulse targets the specific area once, and with a handset designed to deliver many pulses per second, more hair follicles can be destroyed in the allocated time. Professional machines usually work with a pulse rate of 10 per second, and at this speed, large areas can be treated quickly and efficiently.


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The Ability To Treat All Skin Types

In order to be the leading laser hair removal provider in your town, the ability to treat all skin types is crucial. Every client counts, and word of mouth is fantastic free advertising. However, if you have to turn people away because you are not equipped to treat their specific skin type, word of mouth can suddenly become extremely detrimental to your business.

Initially, laser treatment was only effective on clients with light skin tones, and people with darker skin types experienced unwanted side effects. These included burns, and hypopigmentation – skin damage resulting in paler patches.

New technology has, thankfully, eradicated those issues, and advancements within the laser field mean that professional hair removal machines can treat all skin types. The award-winning Nu TriLaze Plus, for example, has the ability to treat the full range of skin types by employing three highly advanced lasers – Nd:YAG, Diode and Alexandrite. Each of these utilises a specific wavelength to target hairs from each skin type.

Reliable Aftercare

When researching which laser hair removal machine is right for your clinic, a reliable aftercare service is an important factor to consider. Reputable providers should offer full training with each purchase – either online or on site, and this must cover everything you need to know to use your machine with confidence. In order to gain the Certificate of Training required by local councils and insurance companies in the UK, the course should include the principles of Core of Knowledge, skin type recognition, health and safety considerations, and how to clean and maintain your machine.

Asides from a quality training course, reputable sellers of laser hair removal machines should offer a lifetime promise of support, with the addition that if your machine cannot be repaired within a stated time, a replacement machine should be supplied, allowing your clinic to continue treating clients.

How Much is a Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine?

There is a wide difference in the cost of professional laser hair removal machines, and it makes sense to examine closely what each machine offers for its price point.

Two industry leaders, Candela and Cynosure, market their machines for upwards of $80,000, with second-hand models selling for a minimum of $60,000. Both are based in the US, and while their models are available in the UK, not all of their products are licensed for use in this country.

The British Institute of Lasers provides machines that are significantly less expensive than those supplied by Cynosure and Candela, but that far exceed the specifications these brands offer. Alma, another US-based company, produce the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum – a three-in-one model similar to the Nu TriLaze Plus, but costing more than three times as much!

The Nu TriLaze Plus incorporates SuperCool™ technology, designed to make the treatment painless – the British Institute of Lasers is the only company to offer this advanced cooling system. The machine is also FDA and Medical CE Approved, and yet with these features and more, only costs in the region of £24,950, with finance available if required. This price includes delivery, a comprehensive training course, high-quality goggles for client safety and comfort, and lifetime support.


Should I Buy Through Amazon or eBay?

The majority of laser hair removal machines sold through Amazon or online auction sites do not originate from within the UK, and therefore follow-up support, parts and training are not as accessible, and could result in costly disruptions to your business.

Admittedly the prices of these machines are attractive, but knowing there is little comeback for machines sent from abroad, manufacturers often make false or exaggerated claims regarding specifications or features.

Buying your laser hair removal machine through eBay or Amazon could well turn out to be an expensive mistake, and although machines purchased through reputable companies in the UK may appear pricier initially, you will be saving thousands of pounds in the long run.

With business success resting on the quality and range of services you can provide, it pays to shop wisely for your professional laser hair removal machine.  

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