Nu Tatouage Plus

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State of Art technology Q-switched Nd:YAG for efficient tattoo removal

Two laser rods, delivering more powerful pulses

Costs less than 1p per 40 shots to operate

Operated by foot switch or handpiece

Two shot counters: One on the machine and one on the handpiece

Treatment of pigmentation: Melasma, Old age spots, Freckles, Café au lait, Nevus Spilus

Carbon Peel treatment

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

NOW 10 Million shots per handpiece!
2 Million shots guaranteed

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6 in stock


6 in stock

Laser Tattoo Removal Machines

Featuring Nu Tatouage Plus

We all know that tattoos are for life. But thanks to advances in technology we are now able to remove tattoos using lasers. Tattoo removal machines are non-invasive. Nu Tatouage Plus utilises Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 1064nm, and cutting-edge Quality Switched (also known as Q-switched) Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 532nm. The Nu Tatouage Plus can be operated by hand or by footswitch.

Our standard Nu Tatouage tattoo removal laser machine, which was introduced more than six years ago, has been a huge success. Now we have launched an upgrade called Nu Tatouage Plus which is even better. Q-Switched Nd:YAG machines, including the Nu Tatouage, are usually equipped with only one laser rod, but the innovative Nu Tatouage Plus is breaking new ground with two laser rods. Together these generate stronger and more powerful pulses of energy, leading to a much more effective hair removal process, and requiring fewer treatments for your clients.

Our Nu Tatouage Plus utilises three tips with fixed spot size, suitable for removing tattoos and pigmentations with different sizes and shapes. The handpiece housing the flash lamp produces an average of 10 million shots before it needs to be replaced. The machine can be operated at a fast rate of 10 pulses per second which makes the treatments very fast.

It cannot be denied that tattoo removal can be painful for the client, and although numbing creams, such as EMLA cream, helps, the most effective method of minimising the pain is to cool the skin. The highly effective Cryo 6 has been designed specifically to chill the epidermis before, during and after treatment without interfering with the laser. It has been proven to also reduce any risk of thermal injury, and as such makes a great addition to your salon.

We use state of the art technology and provide a second to none customer care service; something we remain proud of for all the laser products we have on sale.

About the Product:

Essential Information

How It Works?

What are tattoos? They are illustrations on the skin born made of pigments that are inserted into the dermis. Tattoos are usually organised into three types: professional, amateur, and cosmetic tattoos.

Professional tattoos are done with tattoo machines that have delicate needles which inject pigments deep into the dermis. These tattoos are intended to be permanent. Any removal of a professional tattoo is likely to need several rounds of treatments before the tattoo is faded from the skin, with the exception of black and blue tattoos which are removed relatively quickly.

In contrast, amateur tattoos are created using manual needles or portable tattoo machines that are for home-use. Amateur tattoos differ from professional tattoos in that they are often less distinctive on the skin, and may have a lighter or more faded look about them. This makes them quicker to remove by lasers.

Cosmetic tattoos are very different. Made using the process of micropigmentation, they are often described as permanent makeup rather than tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos include tinted eyebrows as well as permanent eye-and lip liner. They tend to be the easiest to remove with the exception of ones made using the ingredients of titanium dioxide and iron oxide.

Tattoo removal used to involve significant and painful procedures that sometimes scarred the skin, namely: Dermabrasion, cryosurgery, salabrasion, surgical excision, chemicals and electro surgery. Often these intense methods failed to remove the tattoo in its entirety. Laser technology has transformed laser removal by not only making it effective, but by making it comparatively less  painful. This is achieved by using different wavelengths that correspond with specific pigments.

Laser tattoo removal is based on selective photothemolysis. The laser is directed at the tattoo pigment, which absorbs the light. Due to the low pulse duration, the tattoo pigment reaches decomposition, before the non-pigmented tissue around it is affected; however, there must be adequate pulse energy reaching the pigment for this process to begin.

How Quickly Do You See Results?

With black and blue tattoos, which are treated at 1064nm, one can observe the results immediately.  The tattoos become cloudy and pin-point bleeding may occur.  The cloudy appearance will fade away and after a few hours skin starts to look normal.  Some reddening of the skin is normal.  The bulk of the fading for colour tattoos occurs over the 7–8 week healing period between treatments.  Complete laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatment sessions.

At each treatment, some but not all of the pigment particles are effectively decomposed, and the smallest particles are removed by the lymphatic system over the course of several weeks, which results in lightening of the tattoo. Any remaining larger ink particles are then targeted at subsequent treatment sessions with higher pulse energy, causing further lightening.

Tattoo removal is generally painful.  The pain can be minimised by applying creams and ointments containing Lidocaine before treatment, and by using Zimmer coolers blowing cold air at skin during treatment.

How Quickly Can I See A Return On My Investment?

The machine is paid for in just less than FIVE WEEKS, based on only seven treatments per day (Assumes six working days per week.  Each treatment  £55 + VAT.

Nu Tatouage is very profitable.  The running cost is very low. It costs you less than 1p per shot to pay for the consumables, namely the handpiece housing the flash lamp.

Why Isn't The Nu Tatouage Featured On Any Of The Comparison Websites?

At British Institute of Lasers, we choose to sell directly to our customers exclusively through our website. The reason why our products are not listed on comparison websites is that these sites work by taking commission from each sale. Also known as affiliate marketing, review sites will use tracking ID’s to link to platforms such as Amazon and eBay. If there is no money incentive, it is unlikely that review sites will review all products fairly.

While it is highly advisable to do online research on laser tattoo machines, we urge you to exercise caution when relying on review websites due to their selective nature.  Also, don’t let false claims and exaggerated specifications fool you.

We have a friendly team who are always on hand to give you additional information and genuine testimonials about our products. We can always arrange for you to visit our centre in Warwickshire, see our machines in action and try them before you buy.

Should I buy laser machines on places like eBay or Amazon?

Although this may seem tempting, with cheaper prices and promises of easy maintenance, this is a decision buyers invariably regret.

Many of these sellers come from China and are selling extremely inferior - if not dangerous, machines.

When it inevitably malfunctions, the seller will usually avoid your calls, leaving you to find someone with the appropriate knowledge to fix it. Many reputable service engineers refuse to work on these cheap imported machines as the quality is so poor. On the rare occasions the sellers respond, it will be to tell you to find the issue and they will send the required part - this assumes you are an expert laser engineer, at your own expense.

This results in a useless machine that you cannot use, a big financial outlay, and major disruption to your business.

Disadvantages - waste of money, waste of time, fire hazard, not meeting UK standards, and potentially invalidation of your insurance.

In excess of 70% of our enquiries regarding laser machine repairs are for machines bought from online platforms from Chinese suppliers.

Can I buy second-hand laser machines?

If you are planning on purchasing a second hand laser machine, you should ensure the machine is manufactured by a reputable company, is well maintained, and that the price is far less than a new model. Bear in mind that second hand machines are not usually covered by any standard warranty, and that the cost of repairs, or replacement parts, may run into thousands of pounds.

Is it ok to buy laser machines from China?

Laser machines are an investment, and whilst a cheaper model may appear tempting, you will invariably run into problems if you choose this route.

Laser machines bought online from eBay, Amazon and so on, are cheaper as they often come from China, where there is little to no regulation into their production, meaning you will be buying a faulty, sometimes dangerous, machine. With no back up and a warranty that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on, the inevitable repairs can run into thousands of pounds, take many months and with no guarantee that your laser machine will ever work again.

It makes much more sense to choose a machine from a reputable UK based company that offers a watertight warranty, doesn’t invalidate your insurance and makes it easy to get a specialist engineer if necessary.

Outstanding Laser Tattoo Removal Results with the Nu Tatouage+

Black Ink Tattoos

Colored Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Removal After One Session


Sidenote: A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient is included with the machine.  Additional operator’ goggles cost £120, suitable for those clients who want to have a family member or a friend present at the time of treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machines for Sale

Laser Type

Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser


1064nm, 532nm & 1320nm

Spot Size Diameter

1-6mm (adjustable)

Pulse Energy

up to 1500mJ


1-10Hz (adjustable)

Pulse Width




System Update

Micro SD


Floor standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen


air / water (optional Zimmer Cryo skin cooling device)

Power Supply

110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

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  1. Avatar

    Melissa S., Southend, UK

    I would just like to say how impressed I am with the Nu Tatouage Plus machine. After taking the very comprehensive training course, I tried the machine on one of my boyfriend’s tats before I opened it up to paying clients. The results were brilliant, with a large amount of fading happening after just the first session. He had no pain or side effects either. I have just started using it on clients and everyone is so pleased with the results. Thank you 🙂

    Melissa S., Southend, UK

  2. Avatar

    Jan A., Portsmouth, UK

    Having used the Nu Tatouage for many years, upgrading to the Nu Tatouage Plus felt like a big step up. With two lasers it’s much more powerful, and therefore quicker, than its predecessor, which means I can treat more clients during the day. The interface is lovely and clear, and the handpiece feels well balanced and comfy. I’m glad I chose to go with the newer model.

    Jan A., Portsmouth, UK