Nu Tatouage Plus

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State of the Art technology using Q-switched Nd:YAG for efficient tattoo removal

Very high pulse energy

Costs less than 1p per 40 shots to operate

Operated by foot switch or handpiece

Two shot counters: One on the machine and one on the handpiece

Face to face training (or online outside UK)

 Free Core of Knowledge Course

Optional Laser Protection Advisory service (LPA)

NOW 15 Million shots per handpiece!

2 Million shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £305 per month! (subject to status).


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Purchase of the Nu Tatouage Plus includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.

What Sets the Nu Tatouage Plus Apart?

We’ve all been told that tattoos are for life. But thanks to state-of-the-art advances in laser technology like the Nu Tatouage Plus, everyone can now change their mind about a tattoo. The new and improved Nu Tatouage Plus tattoo removal machine allows for a completely non-invasive, safe, efficient, and swift method of tattoo removal.


01. Innovative Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser Beam

Nu Tatouage Plus utilises the Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 1064nm, and cutting-edge Quality Switched (also known as Q-switched) Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 532nm. Its two inbuilt laser rods allow for a powerful pulsed output beam operation which produces incredible tattoo removal results.


02. Comfortable, Pragmatic & Intuitive Handpiece Design

The Nu Tatouage Plus can be operated by hand or by footswitch. Its handpiece is lightweight and ergonomically designed for optimal comfort during prolonged laser treatment sessions, typical for large tattoos. On top of this, the handpiece comes with a pragmatic design feature – an embedded shot counter that enables the operator to fully focus on the treatment.


03. Can be used for other applications

As well as tattoo removal, the Q-witched Nd-YAG laser beams are highly efficient at removing unwanted redness and pigmentation, improving skin texture, and reducing wrinkles. Studies have shown that combined treatments using these specific laser wavelengths result in up to 80% skin improvement after each treatment.


04. Cost-effective & Built to Last

In our 10 years of experience producing top-of-the-line laser machines and servicing premium laser machines produced by other manufacturers, we have really built our stand the test of time.

This unique insight enabled the British Institute of Lasers to take an innovative business approach – we provide the latest cutting-edge laser technology in combination with high-end engineering, making our machines resistant to the most common faults we have observed on numerous occasions. We additionally provide a 1-year free warranty on all of our products.


05. Minimising Pain Associated With Tattoo-removal

The Nu Tatouage Plus is designed to minimize pain while providing excellent results. Its cutting-edge laser technology allows the laser to pass through the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, without causing any significant damage.


However, if you wish to further boost the comfort you provide to your clients, the highly effective Cryo 6 has been designed specifically to chill the epidermis before, during, and after treatment without interfering with the laser. It has been proven to also reduce any risk of thermal injury on all skin types, and as such makes a great addition to your salon together with the Nu Tatouage Plus.



Free Training & Certificate

When you buy a laser machine from the British Institute of Lasers, you will get a free training course. Your free full or half-day training course can be held either at our clinic or online, depending on your preference.
The course contains detailed instructions focusing on your choice of laser machine and guiding you through the crucial features of the Core of Knowledge. Use this unique training opportunity to learn more about laser beams and their properties, their interaction with various skin types, as well as possible contraindications. We will also guide you through using your new laser machine efficiently and safely, as well as provide answers to any questions you may have.
At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Training, which is a mandatory requirement for insurance companies and your local council if you wish to provide laser machine services within the UK.
If you are based outside of the UK, free online training videos will be provided.
We use state-of-the-art technology and provide a second-to-none customer care service; something we remain proud of for all the laser products we offer. We remain available for any questions and advice you may need about your new laser machine even after the free training period.


Additional information about the Nu Tatouage Plus


Laser Protection Advisory


Crucial considerations for salon owners in the pre-purchase stage



Outstanding Laser Tattoo Removal Results with the Nu Tatouage Plus

Black Ink Tattoos

Colored Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Removal After One Session


Sidenote: A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient are included with the machine.  Additional operator’ goggles cost £120, suitable for those clients who want to have a family member or a friend present at the time of treatment.

Laser Type

Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser


1064nm, 532nm & 1320nm

Spot Size Diameter

1-6mm (adjustable)

Pulse Energy

up to 1500mJ


1-10Hz (adjustable)

Pulse Width




System Update

Micro SD


Floor standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen


air / water (optional Zimmer Cryo skin cooling device)

Power Supply

110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

Based on 9 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Avatar

    Patricia K., Edinburgh, UK

    Introducing ‘The Eraser’, my personal moniker for the Nu Tatouage Plus. Having been in the industry for some time, I can vouch for its efficacy. The dual laser rods ensure effective tattoo removal, and it’s economically beneficial with its low operational cost. Dr. Ebdon’s training session was comprehensive, helping me achieve remarkable results, much to the appreciation of my clients. While a lengthier warranty would be an added bonus, it’s a minor point in the grand scheme of this machine’s offerings.

    Patricia K., Edinburgh, UK

  2. Avatar

    Fiona L., Glasgow, UK

    The Nu Tatouage Plus exudes quality in both design and functionality. The ergonomic handpiece is particularly impressive, making those long sessions feel a bit more like a handshake and less like a marathon. Dr. Zarandouz’s comprehensive training added immense value. Overall, while there’s no ‘easy button’ for tattoo removal, this machine comes close. An excellent tool for any professional.

    Fiona L., Glasgow, UK

  3. Avatar

    Robert D., Birmingham, UK

    I’ve navigated the tattoo removal landscape for over a decade, witnessing an array of machines with varying efficacy. The Nu Tatouage Plus decidedly ranks among the best. Its dual laser rods aren’t just about power—they enhance efficiency, enabling me to serve more clients within shorter timeframes. The integrated shot counters on both the device and handpiece facilitate seamless tracking without disrupting my routine. A tiny footnote on the foot switch: while functional, a touch more sensitivity would be appreciated. In a profession that hinges on precision, nuances matter. Nevertheless, don’t be swayed by this minor critique. The machine stands strong as an indispensable asset for clinics prioritising quality and efficiency. The customer support and training sessions are the cherries on top, enriching my understanding of the device’s features and care. If tattoo removal were a concert, this machine would be worthy of an encore.

    Robert D., Birmingham, UK

  4. Avatar

    George T., Bristol, UK

    I’m highly impressed with Nu Tatouage Plus’ efficiency and cooling system. The only minor issue I’ve encountered is that the treatment parameters on the display could be brighter for easier readability.

    George T., Bristol, UK

  5. Avatar

    Melissa W. – Oxford

    We love our tattoo removal machine so much that we have given her a name, Tatiana! Tatiana has been a great asset to the business, and we’ve been able to start working on skin pigmentation issues too. She does way more than our old machine, only other thing we would like is for her to make the tea too!

    Melissa W. – Oxford

  6. Avatar

    Terri W., Manchester

    The Nu Tatouage Plus allows me to remove my client’s tattoos quickly and easily. It’s also great for making age spots disappear, and some of my older clients want this service too.

    Terri W., Manchester

  7. Dave G., Liverpool, UK

    Dave G., Liverpool, UK

    Shopping for a decent tattoo removal machine for use on clients has proven to be an unexpectedly difficult task when our old Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal machine broke down last spring. After some squabbles with another manufacturer over repairs of a machine we had just purchased, we were wary in our approach to new merchants. I usually never leave reviews, but wow, this machine coupled with Dr Majid’s approach totally floored us. Not only did he offer all our staff free training for the new machine, he also went into such detail in describing how these machines actually work that our CMO who’s been in the business of shopping for laser machines for 12 years decided to purchase 3 machines on the spot. Six weeks and many happy clients later, we can attest that this machine works on cosmetic, professional, and even amateur tattoo ink. It’s absolutely wonderful that machines like this are locally produced! Thank you BIL!! 😁

    Dave G., Liverpool, UK

  8. Avatar

    Melissa S., Southend, UK

    I would just like to say how impressed I am with the Nu Tatouage Plus machine. After taking the very comprehensive training course, I tried the machine on one of my boyfriend’s tats before I opened it up to paying clients. The results were brilliant, with a large amount of fading happening after just the first session. He had no pain or side effects either. I have just started using it on clients and everyone is so pleased with the results. Thank you 🙂

    Melissa S., Southend, UK

  9. Avatar

    Jan A., Portsmouth, UK

    Having used the Nu Tatouage for many years, upgrading to the Nu Tatouage Plus felt like a big step up. With two lasers it’s much more powerful, and therefore quicker, than its predecessor, which means I can treat more clients during the day. The interface is lovely and clear, and the handpiece feels well balanced and comfy. I’m glad I chose to go with the newer model.

    Jan A., Portsmouth, UK

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