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We save you time and headache by delivering high end, quality lasers with excellent customer support. Our lasers are affordable, easy to operate, low cost to run and designed by our scientists & engineers with more than 20 years of experience.

We sell premium Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machines

We save you time and headache by delivering high end, quality lasers & IPL machines with excellent customer support. Our diode lasers and IPLs are equipped with contact cooling offering pain free treatments (client comfort), optimum spot size and high frequency providing quick treatments. We invite you to look through our website and our products, and we welcome all enquiries and feedbacks through our contact us page.

You can visit our centre to have a demo on our products.  You can even bring your model for treatment and see how effective and easy to use our machines are.

Our machines cover a wide variety of different treatments, including hair and tattoo removal, Acne infection, broken capillaries, skin rejuvenation and tightening, fat reduction and collagen production. Just hover over our products and find out what’s in store.

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Nu eRays Plus

#1 Laser Hair Removal Machine
NOW 25 Million shots per handpiece!
3 in 1 lasers – treats all skin types
NEW- treatment parameters can be changed from the handpiece!

FDA Approved

Cutting edge SuperCool™ Technology for a painless experience

No Need for External Cooling

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

Free online training

NOW 25 Million shots per handpiece!

Nu TriLaze Plus

The most Powerful laser machine

Hair removal

Three Technologies in one machine

Alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers, Treats all skin types

Cutting edge SuperCool™ Technology, NO PAIN

2x more efficient than all other lasers

Easy to operate

Costs less than 0.5 Pence per shot to operate

Fast & Excellent results

Lifetime Customer Support

Free delivery and training

Nu Tatouage Plus

#1 Tattoo Removal Machine
NOW 10 Million shots per handpiece!

State of the Art technology using Q-switched Nd:YAG for efficient tattoo removal

Two laser rods, delivering more powerful pulses

Costs less than 1p per 40 shots to operate

Operated by foot switch or handpiece

Two shot counters: One on the machine and one on the handpiece

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

Free online training

NOW 10 Million shots per handpiece! 2 Million shots guaranteed

Nu eLite

The most powerful IPL machine with Innovative SuperCoolTM Technology offering maximum cooling at the tip of handpiece.
NEW HANDPIECE DESIGN, lightweight & robust

Very economical to run, more than twice better than any other brand

New larger LCD touch screen

Hair Removal

Five Filters

Fastest IPL machine on the market offering superior results

Free online training or in-house at our training centre

NOW 200,000 shots per handpiece!

100,000 shots guaranteed

Lifetime Customer Support

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