Nu eLite

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 The most powerful IPL machine with Innovative SuperCoolTM Technology offering maximum cooling at the tip of handpiece.

New Handpiece Design, lightweight & robust

Very economical to run, more than twice better than any other brand

New larger LCD touch screen

Hair Removal

Skin Tightening

Treatment of broken capillaries

Five Filters

Fastest IPL machine on the market offering superior results

Free online training or in-house at our training centre

NOW 200,000 shots per handpiece!
100,000 shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £274 per month! (subject to status).


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Purchase of the Nu eLite includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.

IPL Hair Removal Machine (Multi-Platform)

Featuring Nu eLite

Here at British Institute of Lasers, we are proud to introduce the Nu eLite – a premium, cutting edge IPL Hair removal machine.  The machine can also be successfully used for rejuvenation and the treatment of broken capillaries.   Combined with innovative SuperCoolTMTechnology, which provides maximum cooling at the tip of handpiece Nu eLite reduces any pain and discomfort that your client may experience during treatments.  If you’re looking to buy an IPL machine for hair removal, then we’re more than confident that the Nu eLite is the best option for you.


The Nu eLite Offers You Total Control Over:

01. Fluence (most powerful IPL in the market)

02. Frequency (super fast)

03. Pulse parameters

04. Skin type (all skin types)

And more . . .


We use state of the art technology and provide a second to none customer care service; something we remain proud of for all the products we have on offer.


Essential Information

What are the applications of the Nu eLite?
  1. Hair removal: big spot size reduces treatment time
  2. Skin tightening: improves flexibility and skin tone
  3. Removal of fine wrinkles, pigments, freckles
  4. Face and body contouring
What are the advantages of the Nu eLite?
  1. Five Interchangeable filters
  2. Easy to operate: user friendly LCD touch screen
  3. Very high energy output
  4. Lightweight and robust handpiece
  5. Fastest IPL machine on the market
  6. Very low cost of operation
  7. Ability to treat targets with low optical absorption, hence, improved results for fair hair and collagen production
  8. Deeper penetration into the skin
  9. No need for external cooling.  Now your customers can enjoy pain-free treatments with SuperCoolTM Technology.
How quickly can I make a return?

The machine is paid for in just less than THREE MONTHS, based on only two treatments per day (Assumes 6 working days per week. Each treatment £70 +VAT).

Why isn't the Nu eLite featured on any of the best review sites?

Most review sites have a money incentive to promote one product over another. In practice, they place tracking links on the items being reviewed that will lead to platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Each successful sale generates a small income for the review site.

British Institute of Laser machines are sold exclusively on our website and they are not available for sale on any third party platform. This allows us to foster a fair and personal relationship with our customers.

It’s always a good idea to do research before you buy, however if you are using review sites, please bear in mind that they may choose to promote items that bring in the most revenue from time to time.

If you would like an honest, accurate and genuine testimonial of our IPL hair removal machine, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. We can also invite you to view one of our machines, if you wish.

Additional Information

Cooling at tip of the handpiece reduces any discomfort that the patient may experience during treatment.

Nu eLite produces a beam of light covering a wide wavelength. Using the filters, one can select a particular band of wavelength which would be suitable for a particular application, for example for skin rejuvenation. This machine is capable of performing a range of treatments by simply using different filters and switching to a different mode of treatment in the very user-friendly software. The tailor-made pulses allow Nu eLite to perform wide applications in non-ablative rejuvenation therapies, which is based on the principle of human skin tissue’s selective absorption and photo-thermolysis to light sources. The photo rejuvenation technology is more effective than conventional therapies to photo-damaged and photo-aged skin. There is no downtime for the treatments.

Please note that an IPL Hair Removal machine is different from a Laser Hair Removal Machine, as most people think the two are synonymous. If you are interested in a Laser Hair Removal Machine then please click here instead.



Free Training & Certificate

In the UK it is mandatory to hold a Training Certificate in order to satisfy insurance companies and the local councils, and we will award you with one after you have completed our free a half or full day training course, either online or at our training centre in Nuneaton.
Guided by our specialists, you will learn the Core of Knowledge, which includes the laser process and how it relates to light, skin types and structures. It also covers pre and post treatment procedures, health and safety considerations, contra-indications and the consultation process.
Following this, there is a practical session where you will receive comprehensive guidance on how to operate and maintain your laser machine.
If you are outside the UK, there are on-line training and videos available.

Outstanding IPL Hair Removal Results with the Nu eLite

Results also reflect the Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze & the Nu eRays

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Sidenote: A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient is included with the machine. Nu eLite can be operated by hand or by foot switch.

We also offer an alternative laser hair removal machine, the Nu Trilaze Plus, which can also be successfully used for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of broken capillaries and acne infection.


430/530/560/590/640~1200nm (standard)

Spot Size

15mm * 50mm (standard), 12*30, 12*45, 8mm *40mm (optional)

IPL Energy

60J Max. (adjustable)

RF Frequency


RF Output Mode


RF Energy

10-50 J/cm3 (adjustable)



Treatment Mode

Professional mode, Simple mode

System Update

USB port




8.4” LCD colour touch screen


Water + Air + Semiconductor

Based on 21 reviews

4.9 overall

This page features our most thorough and detailed testimonials specifically for this specific product. Head over to our Google Review page for more testimonials of our products and services.

  1. Avatar

    Nina B. – North Shields

    Fast delivery, great support and training was on point. Would definitely recommend. A+++

    Nina B. – North Shields

  2. Avatar

    Jozaf J. London, UK

    I just wanted to say that I am absolutely in love with this IPL machine. I’m sure this was mentioned during the training, but it totally slipped my mind that this machine not only removes hair, but also tightens the skin and treats broken capillaries. Mind = blown! Our clients keep coming back with stories about how smooth and incredible their skin is after treatments with this machine. Thanks so much! 😇

    Jozaf J. London, UK

  3. Avatar

    Jacinda L.

    A sophisticated laser machine that works on most skin types. This is great for beginner and advanced beauty technicians. Prompt delivery and a personal level of customer service that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere, especially with the training programme. British Lasers came out to give us all training, and covered so much including core of knowledge, different skin types and what lasers can do. Really pleased.

    Jacinda L.

  4. Avatar

    Revitalise Skin Clinic

    As a skin care clinic, we appreciate the fact that intense pulse light treatment is essential in achieving quick and satisfactory results for hair removal. At the same time, we face challenges in using a conventional approach for patient care. In an environment where there is growing competition in service delivery, we have focused on quality and safety as opposed to taking shortcuts and using substandard equipment. The Nu eLite ensures that our patients are handled with care and in comfort thus providing the best results.

    Revitalise Skin Clinic

  5. Avatar

    Claire W.

    The Nu eLite does everything I wanted. Add to that a responsive customer service, decent price and an increase in client footfall for me.

    Claire W.

  6. Avatar

    Salim I.

    It’s very hard to find a machine of this type that comes with amazing quality. It seems everyone is using the IPL technology for laser hair removal machines nowadays, and scoring a winner was almost impossible for us. Something always seemed to be off with the old one at our clinic. Luckily we saw British Lasers at a trade show and became acquainted with the Nu eLite. Its IPL is not only powerful and reliable, it is also quick and adaptable to all skin types and it can be used for an array of treatments, including general skin rejuvenation and acne treatment.
    Altogether, this hair removal machine is everything we wanted, while the generous expert advice from Mr Majid and his team, coupled with extremely professional and helpful customer service, makes this machine a great buy.

    Salim I.

  7. Avatar

    Victoria H.

    We’re very satisfied with the Nu eLite machine we got from British Lasers.

    We love the fact that this machine can be used for multiple things. This is exactly the type of laser machine we’ve been looking for. We’ve experienced increased client traffic ever since we introduced the machine a little over 4 months ago!

    Victoria H.

  8. Avatar

    Ashley H.

    A quality machine that caters for a variety of skin conditions and skin rejuvenation. The laser comes with a nice sized touch screen, which is a nice improvement on the previous model. Delivery could have been faster but the machine arrives exactly as promised. Happy to recommend.

    Ashley H.

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Dear Ashley,
      We sincerely apologise for the delay. We are sadly at the mercy of our suppliers who export the laser machines overseas. Very rarely do delays like this happen, and we hope the store credit will come in handy for your next purchase.

      British Institute of Lasers

  9. Avatar

    Rachael M. Eastside Beauty Clinic

    We’re happy to recommend this IPL machine. It was great to find a machine that’s gentle enough to use on the face. Our clients are seeing less hair growth in just a few treatments and clearer complexions. The team at British Institute for Lasers are extremely helpful and supportive, the machine was delivered to our door and Dr. Majid came to us to provide comprehensive training and hints & tips on making the most of our purchase. We look forward to doing more business together.

    Rachael M. Eastside Beauty Clinic

  10. Avatar

    Kamar M.

    Glad I found British Lasers. The e-lite nu is great for those entering at a novice level. Perfect for training or if you’re starting out!

    Kamar M.

  11. Avatar

    Lucy Meek

    User manual was very helpful. Loved the supercool technology – really captures the attention of our clients as I guess it turns out we’re all a bunch of wussies! Really happy. All the best.

    Lucy Meek

  12. Avatar

    Vic I. – Gloucestershire

    After spending thousands on IPL machines only to have them break down 6-months later, its great to have the Nu eLite! It’s a no fuss machine, easy to use and all importantly it produces noticeable results even after the first round of treatment. The delivery was quick, thorough training support from Dr Zarandouz and his team – all included in the package. Highly recommended

    Vic I. – Gloucestershire

  13. Avatar

    Agnes Z.

    Our clinic helps clients with some of the most persistent and uncomfortable facial skin conditions out there including ezcema and acne. The NuElite from British Lasers not only treats these conditions but leaves the skin feeling much better. Delivery took a while but we did order over the Bank Holiday. Overall really pleased with British Institute of Lasers.

    Agnes Z.

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Dear Agnes,
      Once again we are sincerely apologetic for the delay. We are sadly at the mercy of our suppliers who export the laser machines overseas, and as we explained, the Bank Holiday was a contributing factor in your case.
      Fortunately, any delays are very rare. Please accept the store credit to help with your next purchase.
      Kindest regards

      British Institute of Lasers

  14. Avatar

    Glen B. – London

    My clients come to me because they cannot go for any other treatment and epilators are out of the question because of what they do to the skin! Redness, itchiness, soreness. This product is more than welcome in my salon and has made the experience so much more comforting for the client. Cannot recommend British Lasers enough.

    Glen B. – London

  15. Avatar

    Ashley B. Beauty by Ashley Group

    A really good multi-functional machine that produces fast results. The SuperCool technology is brilliant and our clients felt no discomfort during treatments. Unfortunately our machine didn’t come with the instructions so we had to wait for a replacement. Otherwise, couldn’t fault it.

    Ashley B. Beauty by Ashley Group

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Hi Ashley! Thank you for your kind feedback. We’re thrilled that you were happy with the machine. Please accept our apologies for not including the full instructions manual with your initial order. If you need any further assistance or support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

      British Institute of Lasers

  16. Avatar

    Dr. Amanda B.

    After years of using poor quality machines, we’d almost given up providing IPL treatments. But the eLite proves that IPL technology has come a long way and it’s an effective way of rejuvenating skin. We’ve seen good results even with the most irritated, sore acne. The machine is fast and easy to work with. The full training from Mr Zarandouz was comprehensive and covered the skin, how lasers work etc and even advice on how to grow the business. Our license was dependent on getting the Training Certification, and we needed this to move forward. So thank you for your help and advice.

    Dr. Amanda B.

  17. Avatar

    Rachel J.

    Majid and James have ccertainly been of great help throughout the purchase and setup process. The machine doesn’t take long to set up at all and the result really speak for themselves! My mum has even commented out how good the results are. Makes me feel a lot more confident. Done are the days with tweezers and plucking 🙂

    Rachel J.

  18. Avatar

    Maria S.

    I recently completed by therapist training and I bought this machine on recommendation from my colleagues. I’ve been impressed how easy it is to use and the result is smooth, glowing skin ☺ I’m a mobile beautician so portability is important to me. This machine feels strong and tough, and it comes with wheels so even I have no trouble transporting it across the city. For the affordable price, you’re getting a top of the range machine.

    Maria S.

  19. Avatar

    Nadia H. Beauty Therapist

    Initially, I had my concerns of including IPL treatments in the list of services offered at our salon. There are several stories about IPL in the media that painted a grim picture about this form of hair removal treatment. However, there were various customers that enquired about permanent hair reduction treatments. This made me consider their requests. I searched for the most convincing machine in terms of safety and effectiveness.

    This is when I found the Nu eLite hair remover, and I made a decision to acquire one. I have done the training on how to use it, which I enjoyed. The results are really good, and all my customers are happy.

    Nadia H. Beauty Therapist

  20. Avatar

    Liz B. Allure Clinic

    We recently expanded our business to include IPL treatments, and after weeks of research online, purchased a machine from British Lasers. We love this product.

    Liz B. Allure Clinic

  21. Avatar

    Dawn M. The Body Group

    So happy with our Nu eLite machine from British Lasers. We employ mobile therapists and this has been perfect to pack up and take to our clients. Our clients are seeing great results!

    Dawn M. The Body Group

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