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Flash Lamps

Heraeus NL7358
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Flash Lamps

We are on the forefront of flash lamp distribution in the world.  We provide Heraeus flash lamps for cosmetic and medical lasers and IPL machines.  Heraeus is the largest and the best known manufacturer of flash lamps in the world.  Their lamps offer high efficiency, long lifetime and stability.  Heraeus flash lamps may cost more than other brands, but the ratio of the generated pulses to the price is far better than others, which makes Heraeus much more economical to use in laser and IPL machines.  Furthermore, cheap quality lamps not only do not last long but also may shatter prematurely in the laser cavity, causing extensive damage.

Flash lamp is one of the most important parts of a laser or IPL machine.  The lamp filled with Xe, Kr or a mixture of both gases at a specified pressure is excited with a high voltage DC current.  This generates a polychromic light, which for an IPL machine is passed through a crystal and then onto the skin.  The generated spectrum is then filtered using filters to provide a shorter wavelength band for a specific treatment.  For laser machines the generated light passes through a number of optics to produce a monochromic light.

We supply flash lamps to OEMs, distributors, resellers and laser engineers. We can also build flash lamps to your required specifications. The range of our lamps is very extensive and we are unable to list all of them on our website.   Also our website is not designed around international orders and large quantities in the Mainland UK.   In such cases please email your enquiry to [email protected].


NL7358, NL7255, NL7254A, NL7229A, NL7277A, NL7334, NL7300, P4350

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  1. Viktor F

    I’ve consistently using British Institute of Lasers as our go to place for quality flash lamps. The support is also great, with the live support representative Adela going above and beyond to address our multitude of queries!

    Viktor F

  2. Robert L.

    Incredible quality flash lamps. The Heraeus brand is absolutely the best on the market. I can use these knowing I’m getting a long use out of them, as well as reliability. They always arrive swiftly and are a pleasure to use. This is my 3rd purchase and I’m very happy.

    Robert L.

  3. Jason E

    We were really pleased by the promptness of our lamp delivery – it’s good to know that we can always get hold of top quality Heraeus flash lamps.

    Jason E

  4. Nicola S

    I needed to get some new lamps for my IPL hair removal machine and I had heard good things about Heraeus lamps. They were delivered just before lockdown and although I was only able to use them for a short time before we had to close due to lockdown, I was really pleased with the quality. Well worth the money, fast delivery and great service.

    Nicola S