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Flash Lamps

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Flash Lamps

Product Price
Heraeus NL7358 £114
Heraeus NL7255 £115
Heraeus NL7254A £127
Heraeus NL7229A £102
Heraeus NL7277A £124
Heraeus NL7334 £136
Heraeus NL7300 £131
Heraeus P4350 £128

Prices include Shipping in the Mainland UK (Minimum order quantity of 2), and exclude VAT

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Flash Lamps

About the Product:

British Insitute of Lasers has various different flash lamps documented for use in medical, research, and industrial application. We stock numerous lamps for well-known intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser systems. We can also build lamps to your supplied specifications, call us for a free consultation.


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NL7358, NL7255, NL7254A, NL7229A, NL7277A, NL7334, NL7300, P4350


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