Why Choose British Institute of Lasers?

British Institute of Lasers have been at the forefront of the laser hair removal sector for many years, but why should you choose us to supply the machines for your salon?

  Over 25 Years of Experience

The British Institute of Lasers team includes scientists, technologists, and engineers with experience dating back over 25 years. This has enabled us to produce and market products that are of the highest quality.

  Industry Certification

Our experience and knowledge is recognised by our Nu TriLaze Plus laser machine, for example, being awarded CE and FDA certification – an acknowledgement of excellence and passing the strictest safety tests.

  Reputations Count

Our reputation precedes us, attracting a 4.7 rating on Google Reviews, and garnering enviable prestige amongst our peers. Satisfied clients and salon owners have given us great feedback, with word of mouth proving to be the best form of marketing!

  Competitive Prices

With laser machines that are extremely competitively priced at up to 60% less than Candela machines, which can sell for more than £55,000, your new machine will quickly pay for itself. Thanks to their efficiency, our laser hair removal machines allow you to book more clients, increasing your salon’s footfall and, therefore, income.

  Free Training

When you choose a British Institute of Lasers machine, you will also receive free training. We offer face to face training at our premises in Coventry. You have an option for such training at your premises. You will receive online training if you are outside UK. Our training consists of two parts.

In the first part, which is theoretical, we cover properties of light and lasers, their interactions with skin, safety factors and contra-indications. In the second part yu will learn how to operate the machine safely and effectively. Furthermore, you will also receive a free course on Core Of Knowledge

  Certificate of Training

Upon completion of the training course, you will receive a Certificate of Training. This is necessary to satisfy your local council if you plan to treat clients. It can also help when it comes to insurance as many companies recognise this certificate. Some may even offer a discount.

  After Sales Support

Unlike buying from cheaper manufacturers or from online market platforms, where there is no comeback and the companies invariably never respond to your messages, we continue to support you. You will receive free product software updates for 10 years, and excellent ongoing help and advice.


British Institute of Lasers machines come with either one or two years warranty. Extended warranty come can be purchased at additional costs.

  Putting Users First

Putting both the users and clients’ comfort at the forefront, each machine features a graphically intuitive interface. Made to be user-friendly, the durable but lightweight hand pieces are ergonomically designed, and are comfortable even for long appointments.

  Bespoke Technology

The British Institute of Lasers team includes scientists, technicians, and engineers, and together they design the innovative ideas that make our lasers unique. The Nu TriLaze and NuTriLaze Plus, for example, feature our patented SuperCool™ Technology. Designed to cool the skin on contact, it results in pain-free laser hair removal.

This is why, if you’re thinking about a new laser hair removal machine, you should always look to British Institute of Lasers first.

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