Meet The Team

Dr Majid Zarandouz, Managing Director
A master of polymers and a maestro of radio chemistry, Dr Majid Zarandouz has been dazzling the world of optics and lasers for a decade. When he’s not splitting light beams at the speed of, well, light, he enjoys reminiscing about his days spent at the University of Lancaster, where he earned his Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Technology. Majid’s laser-sharp wit and expertise in the field make him the perfect captain to steer the ship at the British Institute of Lasers.

Dr John Ebdon, Technical Director
If you’re ever in need of someone to talk atomic and laser physics, Dr John Ebdon is your man. With a whopping 20 years of engineering experience, John has seen it all. As the Technical Director at the British Institute of Lasers, he uses his unparalleled knowledge to fine-tune our machines and ensure they’re always on the cutting edge. Outside of work, John can be found perfecting his formula for the world’s most precise cup of tea.

Amir Zarandouz, Sales Director
With a winning smile and a knack for sealing the deal, Amir Zarandouz expertly navigates the world of lasers as our Sales Director. Though he won’t reveal if he shares a secret laser handshake with his dad, Dr Majid Zarandouz, Amir has an uncanny ability to bring people together and forge lasting relationships. When he’s not busy charming clients, he can be found practicing his laser-focused sales pitch in front of the mirror.

Ann Belson, Sales Manager
Ann Belson, the queen of all things beauty, is our fabulous Sales Manager. With over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, Ann is a true industry icon. Her legendary Blushers Clinic serves as the stage for British Institute of Lasers’ breathtaking product demonstrations. Ann’s passion for beauty and lasers is only matched by her penchant for sharing the latest industry gossip over a cup of tea.

Chris Sanders, UI Specialist
Meet Chris Sanders, the mastermind behind the sleek, user-friendly interfaces of our laser and IPL machines. As our UI Specialist, Chris dedicates his days to making complex technology simple, accessible, and dare we say, enjoyable for practitioners. When he’s not obsessing over every pixel, Chris can be found exploring the great outdoors, searching for inspiration in the beauty of nature.

Adela Ashford, Support Manager
The British Institute of Lasers’ very own superhero, Adela Ashford, is our Support Manager extraordinaire. Leaping over live chat messages, soaring through emails, and tackling general queries in a single bound, Adela is the backbone of our exceptional customer support team. When she’s not busy saving the day for our clients, she enjoys practicing her laser-quick typing skills and binge-watching her favorite superhero series.

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