Nu TriLaze Plus

(12 customer reviews)

FDA & Medical CE Certified Machine

3 in 1 – Three Laser Technologies in one machine

Alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers – treats all skin types

Cutting edge SuperCool™ Technology for a painless experience

Twice as efficient as all other lasers

Easy to operate

Costs less than 1p per 20 shots to operate

Over 3 times less expensive than our competitor Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

Fast & Excellent results


No need for external cooling

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

Online training available

NOW 15 Million shots per handpiece!
3 Million shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £362 per month! (subject to status)


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Purchase of the Nu TriLaze Plus includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.


What Sets the Nu TriLaze Plus Apart?

Using the latest technology, the Nu TriLaze Plus is ideal for a commercial beauty salon or hair removal clinic requiring a reliable, high quality laser hair removal machine. Containing three laser machines on one platform – Alexandrite 755nm, Nd:YAG 1064nm, and Diode 808nm, the Nu TriLaze Plus requires minimal maintenance and offers advanced safety levels.

  • Completely painless treatments, allowing maximum energy to be applied for best results.
  • Costs a fraction of other lasers in the same category which typically fit into the price range of around £30,000.
  • Trouble-free and reliable.
  • A replacement machine is shipped to you if your machine can’t be fixed within 72 working hours.
  • No need for costly engineers’ visits. Other machines may cost you an average of £6,000 per visit.
  • Maintenance-free! Only change water on a regular basis.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Very low running cost, as little as 40 shots per pence. A full-face treatment is possible for only 10p!


Essential information about the Nu TriLaze Plus

01. Global Safety Regulation Adherence

Having undergone a series of detailed tests, the Nu TriLaze Plus is FDA approved and Medical CE certified, therefore ensuring first-rate security, safety, and efficacy of use. Learn more about the importance of being FDA approved and Medical CE certified and its implications for salon owners.


02. Practical & Intuitive User Interface

The Nu TriLaze Plus comes with a new and improved interface featuring simple, intuitive, and user-friendly controls that can be easily mastered for optimal use and incredible results. Our new interface design allows beauty salon and hair removal clinic owners to avoid the time-consuming learning curves required to make sense of generally complicated laser machine controls.


03. New & Improved Handpiece

Cost-effective and easy to use, the handpiece of the Nu TriLaze Plus delivers millions of shots at a rapid rate of up to 10 per second before a replacement is required. This equates to a cost per shot of less than 0.05 pence, allowing large areas, such as legs, to be completed in minutes and at an impressively reasonable price. The professional quality handpiece that comes with this machine is very lightweight and can be used comfortably for long periods of time.


04. Superb Customer Support & Comprehensive Training Programme

We provide our buyers with free top-quality training from our experts, either face to face at our training centre, or online in an easy-to-follow programme. We also provide free Nu TriLaze Plus lifetime support, including literature, clinical feedback, advice, software upgrades and much more.


Free Online Training & Certificate

By choosing a laser machine from the British Institute of Lasers, you’ll gain access to either our free online training or a free comprehensive full day of face-to-face training, depending on your preference. The face-to-face training is offered at our premises, but if you’re based within 150 miles of Coventry, the training can be carried out at your salon.
The training covers all the major elements of the Core of Knowledge, the principles of light and laser beams, and the types of laser machines available. We also train you to recognise and deal with different skin types, skin structure and health and safety considerations, alongside everything you need to know about your new laser machine, including operation, cleaning and maintenance.
You can then put your new knowledge into practice with the laser machine, with our experts on hand to help and guide whenever necessary. By completing the training, you’ll gain a Certificate of Training, which is necessary to acquire insurance cover and to satisfy your local council if you plan to carry out commercial treatments within the UK.
If you’re outside the UK, free full day online training will be offered.
Regardless of the training option you choose, we will always provide you with the knowledge and confidence to successfully grow your professional salon.



How does the Nu TriLaze Plus work?

The Nu TriLaze Plus works by focusing the laser light on localised areas, targeting the melanin in the skin which is the key to follicle growth. It operates on three different types of lasers; Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG - This gives the laser machine the flexibility of operating at three wavelengths: 755, 808, 1064nm respectively, allowing complete removal of the hair follicle for all skin types.

Unlike electrolysis, in which each individual hair is targetted, laser hair removal can cover larger areas of skin simultaneously, making every treatment cost effective, quick and efficient. However, care must be taken when using the machine to ensure other areas of skin remain undamaged.

Across the body, hair goes through several stages, and only the hairs in the growth phase - Anagen, can be affected by the laser. The other two phases - Catagen and Telogen, remain undamaged by the light as the hairs are unattached to the dermal base cells. An average of seven treatments, approximately three to eight weeks apart are recommended, depending on the area treated.

How quickly could I make a return on my purchase of the Nu TriLaze Plus?

The machine can easily pay for itself in less than eight weeks based on average treatment prices, a minimum of four treatments a day, and a six-day working week.

Are the Nu TriLaze Plus laser hair removal results permanent?

Laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent, regardless of the laser machine used. The effectiveness of the Nu TriLaze Plus is dependent on the individual skin character, the area being treated, and the number of treatment sessions.

Generally speaking, your clients will be able to enjoy little to no growth for between 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer. You can also see the before and after results after using the Nu TriLaze Plus for laser hair removal towards the bottom of this page.

Are all skin and hair types suitable for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is mostly effective on individuals with dark hair and light skin. This is because the laser targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle, and dark hair has more melanin than light hair. The contrast between the dark hair and light skin makes it easier for the laser to target the hair follicle.

For people with dark skin, laser hair removal can be less effective, or may even cause skin discoloration or injury if not done by a professional or with appropriate laser technology. The pigment in the skin can absorb the laser energy, making it harder to target the hair follicle specifically. But there are laser hair removal technologies like the Nd:YAG laser that the NuTriLaze Plus features that are safe for dark skin.

For people with light blonde, grey or white hair, laser hair removal is less effective as the laser relies on the contrast between the hair and skin, so the lack of melanin makes it more difficult to target the hair follicle. However, some hair colour with little melanin can still be treated with a laser with a larger wavelength such as the Nd:YAG laser.



Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Laser Machine

Should I consider an all-in-one machine that offers Laser Hair Removal & Tattoo Removal (or IPL Treatment)

All-in-one laser machines that offer multiple treatments, such as laser hair removal and tattoo removal, can be convenient for some practitioners as they can provide multiple services to clients, but they may not be as effective as dedicated machines for each treatment or economically viable as we'll discuss shortly.

They also come with higher risk - not necessarily because of the performance of the laser machine, but rather the reliance in having one machine carry out so many treatments. In the event the machine needs repairing at any stage then clinics are often forced to close down if they rely solely on one machine.


All-in-one machines are often less powerful and versatile than dedicated machines, as they are designed to perform a variety of treatments rather than being optimized for a specific treatment. This can result in less effective results and longer treatment times.

Dedicated machines are designed specifically for one treatment, such as laser hair removal or tattoo removal, and are often more powerful, precise, and effective than all-in-one machines. They have specific wavelength and settings that are tailored to the specific treatment, which can lead to better outcomes.

Additionally, all-in-one machines are less customizable and may not be as effective for certain skin or hair types. This can limit the range of clients that a practitioner can treat, and may not be suitable for all situations.

Business Perspective:

Having more than one laser machine offers the added benefit of being able to carry out more treatments over the same time period, so you are able to engage with a higher number of clients.

It is also the case that repairs and maintenance becomes more costly with some such all-in-one machines as the parts that make up them up are bespoke to the manufacturer. In some cases, and it happens more regularly than you think, some laser manufactures go into liquidation leaving clients with laser machines that are sometimes beyond repairable.

How much should a decent laser hair removal machine cost?

Leading brands in this industry such as Candela offer new laser hair removal machines upwards of $80,000 and refurbished models from $60,000.

Cynosure, another leading brand based, offer laser and tattoo removal machines for similar prices.

The Alma Soprano ICE which is quite popular in the Europe & UK, retails for approximately £35,000 upwards to £53,000 at its highest price.

In the UK, companies such as Lynton offer their Motus AY laser hair removal machine by Deka for approximately £60,000 - £70,000 as of 2023. We can't comment on the specification of their machines so we would refer to customers to do their own research.

Annual Servicing, £650 + VAT,

At British Institute of Lasers, our lasers are significantly less expensive while matching and often surpassing the specifications of leading players in this industry.

Why isn't the Nu TriLaze Plus featured on any of the best review sites?

Websites like Amazon and eBay offer a sales commission to review and comparison websites for their reviews. That means that each time a sale goes through as a result of the marketers' product recommendations, Amazon pays them a fee. Affiliate marketers who own review and comparison sites are therefore incentivized to dishonestly create good reviews for products featured on e-commerce retailer websites like Amazon and eBay. In most cases, the affiliate marketers never even purchase or trial the product they're reviewing.

We only distribute and sell our laser machines exclusively through our website. This means our products are not featured on Amazon and eBay. We also never offer financial incentives like sales commissions to affiliate marketers to link to our products and create reviews.

The reviews on our website are made by our customers. They speak for themselves and can be relied upon to obtain a true picture of our services and products.

Should I buy laser machines through eBay or Amazon?

Generally, laser machines sold on these platforms are from sellers who are not based in the UK and are mainly from China.

Alternatively, if they are based in the UK, they tend not to be reputable companies and simply resell laser machines imported from abroad, again usually from China.

In both cases, although the prices can seem very attractive, the sellers actually mislead people with false exaggerated specifications while selling them inferior products.

In case the machine is purchased from a China-based seller, it usually does not come with an after-sale service. This means that when the sub-par laser machine fails, the seller expects the buyer to diagnose the issue, decide which new parts are required and actually mend the machine. The sellers will only send the necessary parts once the old part has been sent to them, with shipping and import fees paid for by the hapless buyer. This whole process can take many months, and still not result in a working laser machine. In worst case scenarios, the seller doesn’t even respond to the SOS calls from the buyer.

Apart from the single short-lived advantage of paying less for a laser machine, purchasing a laser machine from the mentioned platforms carries more disadvantages in the long run. Some of the disadvantages include money down the drain, difficulties with the supplier regarding maintenance, long downtime, low specs, not adhering to FDA and Medical CE guidelines, fire hazards, and potentially invalidating your insurance.

Should I buy a laser machine from China?

While laser machines from China may initially look attractive, with some undertaking more modern designs, most buyers end up regretting their decision. Chinese machines frequently do not match the specifications, meaning that their performance is not appropriate for any of the buyers' requirements.

When the laser machine goes wrong - which cheap Chinese machines invariably do - getting the suppliers to communicate is often a struggle. At best, the buyer is required to pay for shipping costs to return the machine to the manufacturer in China with no guarantee that they will get a working model back. At worst, the supplier will refuse to communicate entirely, leaving the buyer stuck with a broken machine.

We have written an article about the risks of buying laser machines from China should you wish to seek further information.

Should I buy a second-hand laser machine?

If the laser machine is manufactured by a reputable company and is well maintained and sold at a significantly reduced price, purchasing a second-hand laser machine can turn out to be a good investment.

However, there are some important factors you need to take into consideration before committing to such a purchase.

Second-hand lasers are not covered by standard warranty terms and if they become faulty, the cost of repair may run into thousands of pounds.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the consumables, e.g. Diode laser handpiece or flash lamp, which can be quite expensive to replace.



FDA Certification – What Does It Mean?

The FDA recognises four major hazard classes (I to IV) of lasers, including three subclasses (IIa, IIIa, and IIIb). The higher the class, the more powerful the laser is and the greater the potential to pose serious injury if used improperly. The labelling for Classes II–IV must include a warning symbol that states the class and the output power of the product. Nu TriLaze Plus is a class IV laser product. Thanks to our reputation for safety and effectiveness, the British Institute of Lasers have successfully fulfilled the FDA’s requirements for Class IV devices.



What Does Medical CE Approved Mean?

In order to sell Class IV medical laser machines in the UK and in the European market, a Medical CE Mark is necessary. This Mark indicates that the criteria of the relevant European product directive have been met. Nu TriLaze Plus has successfully met the requirements for Europe’s harmonized performance and safety standards and has been awarded the CE Mark.



Outstanding Laser Hair Removal Results with the Nu Trilaze

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Premium Laser Machine

Purchasing a new laser hair removal machine is a big and important investment for any beauty salon or hair removal clinic. With so many things to consider, committing to a single laser machine can seem overwhelming. British Institute of Lasers understands that finding a professional quality laser hair removal machine perfectly suited for your business is crucial for reliability and safety.


This is why we had our laser machine professionals give their opinions on matters that any beauty salon owner should consider before purchasing a new machine on our Blog page, including:

How much should a laser hair removal machine cost?

Is buying a laser hair removal machine from China worth it?


If you have any further questions about finding the perfect laser hair removal machine, we encourage you to contact us and our experts will assist you in making the perfect decision for you and your business.

Laser Type

Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG

Laser Wavelength

755, 808, 1064nm

Spot Size

20mm *12mm (Standard)

Pulse Width

400ms (adjustable)


1-120 J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10 Hz (adjustable)



Skin Type


System Update

Micro SD port


Floor Standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen

Laser module energy



Water + Air + Semiconductor


110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

Laser Model

Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze

Based on 12 reviews

4.9 overall

This page features our most thorough and detailed testimonials specifically for this specific product. Head over to our Google Review page for more testimonials of our products and services.

  1. Avatar

    Isabella M., Belfast, UK

    Love the Nu TriLaze Plus! Just wish it had a smaller handpiece for tight areas. But it’s a trifecta of technology in one machine, making it very cost-effective, especially when compared to pricier models like Lynton.

    Isabella M., Belfast, UK

  2. Avatar

    Nasra B., Oldham

    A friend *of a friend* from another salon uses a British Lasers machine and I was able to see the machine firsthand before committing to a purchase. I was mostly impressed with the handpiece; it was so much more comfortable to use than a previous machine I owned; now I can work all day with no hand cramps! The laser looks stylish and feels well put together; Really pleased with our new purchase.

    Nasra B., Oldham

  3. Avatar

    Nicole S., Edinburgh

    I’m so glad I decided to go with the Nu TriLaze Plus over other brands. After weighing up the pros and cons, the British Institute of Lasers came out on top, and has proved its worth in the salon. I learned a lot from the free training course, and it allowed me to get my certificate, so my local council is happy as well as my clients.

    I would have to knock a point off, however, for not supplying the goggles that are meant to come with the machine.

    Nicole S., Edinburgh

  4. Avatar

    Salim M., Cambridge, Massachusetts

    We are very proud to be one of the rare salons in our region to have a high-quality laser hair removal machine made in UK. Machine looks very modern and does not take up too much space, very attractive to customers. Machine was delivered internationally in just 3 weeks. Very happy with online training and long distance troubleshooting, thank you Dr. Majid and Jason for your support.

    Salim M., Cambridge, Massachusetts

  5. Avatar

    Nivette N., near Sheffield, UK

    This is the second laser machine I’ve purchased with British Lasers. My testimonial covers my delightful experience with both the Nu Trilaze Plus and Nu Lipo. On both occasions, the onsite training was excellent, conducted by the same professional who goes through the entire process clearly.

    In particular I love the interface of the Nu Trilaze Plus. The software is clearly a couple of generations better than the Nu Lipo. It’s very self explanatory and looks pretty slick. I just love it ♥️♥️♥️

    Nivette N., near Sheffield, UK

  6. Avatar

    Lorraine, Southend

    My salon means everything to me and I work hard to make it a success, so getting the right laser hair removal machine was important. The Nu TriLaze Plus is amazing, and I learned so much on the training course. Everyone was really helpful, too. It’s easy to operate, and comfortable to use even after several long appointments. I recommend the Nu TriLaze Plus to any salon owner.

    Lorraine, Southend

  7. Avatar

    Christian F., Caerphilly, Wales

    I was torn between giving a 4 star and 5 star rating, and ended up going for 5 star. There was an issue with my Nu Trilaze Plus as the handpiece was malfunctioning. When raising the problem with British Institute of Lasers, they responded promptly and dispatched a new hand piece straight away.

    It arrived one week later and I was notified along the way. It’s refreshing because I’ve had to deal with off shore manufacturers in the past who made the process of returning items time consuming and expensive.

    By contrast, British Institute of Lasers accepted responsibility without question and dealt with the matter professionally and ethically.

    Christian F., Caerphilly, Wales

  8. Avatar

    Harpreet P., Manchester, UK

    We were able to secure a great finance deal on the Nu Trilaze Plus and have been using it for a couple of weeks since our clinic has reopened. Our clients have complimented the laser machine as being “slick” and “cool” and we can’t fault the results. It’s highly effective as was the online training

    Harpreet P., Manchester, UK

  9. Avatar

    Muhammed C., Birmingham, UK

    This laser machine looks like something from the future — very pleasing to the eye! In the past we were using a Lynton Excelight laser machine and paid slightly shy of £17K! By comparison the Nu TriLaze is much more affordable, and has outperformed the Excelight in performance (albeit minor). Great machine and great support!

    Muhammed C., Birmingham, UK

  10. Avatar

    Colin F., Indianapolis, US

    The handpiece is an absolute gem to operate, and really happy with how the machine looks and operates 👍

    The training online went well and the technician was very patient while we had a WiFi outage! 😊

    Colin F., Indianapolis, US

  11. Avatar

    Tina K., Chicago, Illinois, US

    I had heard about how awesome the Nu TriLaze laser hair removal machine was but as it didn’t have FDA approval, had to miss out. However, the updated model has the FDA ticket and, with the online training, I felt super confident and ready to roll. My clients love how effective and pain-free it is, and I love that it’s so quick and easy to use. Thank you!

    Tina K., Chicago, Illinois, US

  12. Avatar

    Annie C, Solihull, UK

    I have used laser machines from other companies in the past and have never been completely happy with either the machines or the service. A friend recommended the British Lasers machines to me and I have been very impressed. Adela was always on hand to answer any of my questions, and the online training was fantastic. I am over the moon with the machine and would not hesitate to recommend it.

    Annie C, Solihull, UK

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