Buying Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machines from China – Everything You Need to Know

The convenience of online shopping has made it easy to purchase items like tee shirts or handbags from the Far East. Cheaper prices are highly appealing, and if you can tolerate the long delivery time and are not overly concerned about quality, it may seem worth it. In this article we delve into the topic of whether buying laser hair or tattoo removal machine from China is worth the investment.

Why Are These Machines So Inexpensive?

Manufacturing regulations in China are often less stringent, allowing businesses to use lower-quality materials, which reduces costs but compromises quality.

There are also ethical considerations. Labor laws in China are poorly regulated. Workers frequently face mandatory unpaid overtime, below-minimum wages, lack of insurance, and unsafe working conditions as cited by The Human Rights Watch).

Additionally, the environmental impact is significant. Carbon dioxide emissions from Chinese factories are higher than those in the West, contributing to climate change. This is due to outdated manufacturing methods and a reliance on coal. See World Wildlife Fund for more details.

Issues with Product Specifications and Certifications

FDA approved
When purchasing a laser hair removal machine, you expect accurate product specifications. However, many machines from China lack this accuracy. This can result in using a machine with incorrect laser settings, causing pain or worse for your clients, and potentially leading to legal issues.

Some manufacturers falsely display industry certification graphics. For instance many Chinese companies have published claims about being FDA or CE Medical Approved when this is not the case.


Challenges with Support and Communication

Laser machines from China often develop faults, necessitating contact with the supplier. Consumers have limited rights, and company protection policies are not legally binding. If you receive a response, you will likely have to diagnose the issue yourself and order the part, which may or may not arrive. Professional engineers are usually unwilling to work on these models due to safety concerns.

Often, the machine needs to be returned to China, with shipping costs covered by you. This process can take months, during which your business loses customers.

Potential Insurance Issues

Purchasing laser hair removal machines from China can cause problems with insurance. Companies may refuse to cover a machine they consider dangerous or that violates safety standards. For example, if your machine is deemed a fire risk, insurance might not pay out in the event of a fire, making your bargain purchase a poor investment.

The best advice when buying from China is to only spend what you can afford to lose!

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