Nu Dermabrase

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Microdermabrasion crystals

The best microdermabrasion crystals in the industry are right here on We know you’ll love our Nu Dermabrase crystals!

1.5kg (£19.99): Crystals are packaged in 1 liter white HDPE jerry can with tamper evident screw cap.

5kg (£34.99): Crystals are packed in 5 liter white HDPE jerry can with tamper evident screw top cap.

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Microdermabrasion Crystals

About the Product:

These are fine pure white crystals with an average size of 95-120 microns. Nu Dermabrase can be used in any refillable microdermabrasion machine. They have excellent flow properties, which ensure a free flow inside the tubes and hoses without any risk of blockage. Each crystal is angular in shape which is ideal for peeling of the skin.

We provide our crystals in 1.5kg and 5kg packages.  We are proud to be the largest distributor of crystals in the world.

We also provide OEM service, minimum order quantity MOQ 75kg.


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  1. Hannah A.

    These crystals work wonders on my clients’ skin. They are fantastically made and are suitable for the most demanding clients (who usually have very sensitive skin). The delivery was surprisingly fast and the packaging options are great for stocking up the way it best suits me. Will definitely buy again.

    Hannah A.

  2. Debbie B

    Just wanted to say many thanks for sending out my order of Nu Dermabrase so quickly. Normally I have a couple of packets spare but had forgotten to stock up, so had a small panic. Thank you for all your help

    Debbie B

  3. Holly E

    The website has been quite glitchy on a couple of occasions when I’ve gone to purchase some microdermabrasion granules. The same glitch has appeared twice on their website where I am unable to specify a quantity (i.e. I’m only able to buy a maximum of 1 tub).

    The customer support is great (in particular James), and while I’ve been able to complete these orders on the phone, I’d much prefer if I wasn’t the one pointing out these problems!

    Holly E

  4. Donna D.

    Great product. Fast delivery. Will use again

    Donna D.

  5. Sam K.

    After trying several other brands with my microdermabrasion machine and suffering pipe blockages, and in one case, a client with sore skin, I found Nu Dermabrase, and haven’t looked back since. Excellent product, really quick delivery and a friendly service. 10/10

    Sam K.

  6. Nicola P.

    The Nu Dermabrase crystals work perfectly with our microdermabrasion machines. So far, we’ve experienced zero blockages and no other issues. British Laser has been our sole supplier for over 5 months now, and we’re very satisfied with the customer service and delivery. We intend to continue purchasing the crystals from British Lasers for the foreseeable future.

    Nicola P.

  7. Marnie T.

    Really pleased with the finished results we’ve had with the Nu Dermabrase crystals. My clients are so happy with the feel and look of their new, younger skin, which means I am too.

    Marnie T.