Nu eRays Plus

3 in 1 – Three Laser Technologies in one machine

FDA Approved-

Alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers – treats all skin types

Cutting edge SuperCool™ Technology for a painless experience

NEW- treatment parameters can be changed from the handpiece!

Free Core of Knowledge Course

Easy to operate

Costs less than 1p per 100 shots to operate

Over 3 times less expensive than our competitor Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

Fast & Excellent results


No need for external cooling

Face to face training (or online outside UK)

  Optional Laser Protection Advisory service (LPA)

25 Million shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £85 per week! (subject to status)


In Stock


Price includes Delivery, Training and Lifetime Support


Distinguishing features of the Nu eRays Plus

The Nu eRays Plus sets a new standard in laser hair removal technology for beauty salons and clinics, offering an unparalleled combination of efficacy, safety, and convenience. It integrates three laser technologies—Alexandrite 755nm, Nd:YAG 1064nm, and Diode 808nm—into a single platform. This machine is designed for minimal maintenance, enhanced safety features, and is FDA approved for your peace of mind.

  • 35% higher power output for even more effective treatments
  • Handpiece-operated for unprecedented ease of use
  • Cost-effective, with operation expenses as low as 1p per 100 shots, allowing for a full-face treatment at just 10p
  • No downtime with a replacement machine provided within 72 working hours if needed
  • Avoids expensive maintenance calls, contrasting with the average £6,000 per visit for other machines
  • Maintenance-free operation with simple water changes
  • Lifetime support included
  • Exceptionally low running costs


Key Highlights

01. FDA Approved for Enhanced Safety and Efficacy

The Nu eRays Plus boasts FDA approval, underscoring its commitment to safety, efficacy, and quality standards. This prestigious certification reassures professionals and clients alike of the machine’s compliance with rigorous health and safety regulations. Being FDA approved means the Nu eRays Plus meets the highest criteria for performance and reliability, offering peace of mind and confidence in delivering superior laser hair removal treatments.


02. Practical & Intuitive User Interface

The Nu EraLaze Plus is equipped with a modern interface that simplifies operation, enabling salon and clinic owners to quickly master the system for optimal results. This user-friendly approach eliminates the steep learning curve associated with complex laser devices.


03. Enhanced and Efficient Handpiece with Direct Control

The Nu eRays Plus introduces an advanced handpiece designed not only for efficiency and convenience but also for unparalleled control. This innovative handpiece allows operators to control the laser machine directly through its built-in interface, streamlining the treatment process and enhancing usability. Capable of delivering millions of shots at an impressive rate of up to 10 per second, it enables quick, cost-effective treatments with a cost of less than 0.05 pence per shot. This feature marks a significant advancement in laser hair removal technology, making the Nu eRays Plus a top choice for professionals seeking speed, precision, and ease of use.


04. Superb Customer Support & Comprehensive Training Programme

We provide our buyers with free top-quality training from our experts, either face to face at our training centre, or online in an easy-to-follow programme. We also provide free Nu eRays Plus lifetime support, including literature, clinical feedback, advice, software upgrades and much more.


Free Online Training & Certificate

By choosing a laser machine from the British Institute of Lasers, you’ll gain access to either our free online training or a free comprehensive full day of face-to-face training, depending on your preference. The face-to-face training is offered at our premises, but if you’re based within 150 miles of Coventry, the training can be carried out at your salon.
The training covers all the major elements of the Core of Knowledge, the principles of light and laser beams, and the types of laser machines available. We also train you to recognise and deal with different skin types, skin structure and health and safety considerations, alongside everything you need to know about your new laser machine, including operation, cleaning and maintenance.
You can then put your new knowledge into practice with the laser machine, with our experts on hand to help and guide whenever necessary. By completing the training, you’ll gain a Certificate of Training, which is necessary to acquire insurance cover and to satisfy your local council if you plan to carry out commercial treatments within the UK.
If you’re outside the UK, free full day online training will be offered.
Regardless of the training option you choose, we will always provide you with the knowledge and confidence to successfully grow your professional salon.




Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Laser Machine



Outstanding Laser Hair Removal Results with the Nu eRays Plus

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Premium Laser Machine

Purchasing a new laser hair removal machine is a big and important investment for any beauty salon or hair removal clinic. With so many things to consider, committing to a single laser machine can seem overwhelming. British Institute of Lasers understands that finding a professional quality laser hair removal machine perfectly suited for your business is crucial for reliability and safety.


This is why we had our laser machine professionals give their opinions on matters that any beauty salon owner should consider before purchasing a new machine on our Blog page, including:

How much should a laser hair removal machine cost?

Is buying a laser hair removal machine from China worth it?


If you have any further questions about finding the perfect laser hair removal machine, we encourage you to contact us and our experts will assist you in making the perfect decision for you and your business.

Laser Type

Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG

Laser Wavelength

755, 808, 1064nm

Spot Size

20mm *12mm (Standard)

Pulse Width

400ms (adjustable)


1-150 J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10 Hz (adjustable)



Skin Type


System Update

Micro SD port


Floor Standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen


Water + Air + Semiconductor


110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

Laser Model

Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze

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