Nu Tatouage

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State of Art technology Q-switched Nd:YAG for efficient tattoo removal

Short pulse; Outstanding results

Three fixed tips plus unique two adjustable tips offering large spot size

Operated by foot switch or handpiece

Two shot counters: One on the machine and one on the handpiece

Treatment of pigmentation: Old age spots, freckles, Café au lait, Nevus Spilus, Melasma

Carbon Peel treatment

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

NOW 5 Million shots per handpiece!
1 Million shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £274 per month! (subject to status).


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Purchase of the Nu Tatouage includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machines

Featuring Nu Tatouage


About the Product:

If you’re looking to buy the best value quality laser tattoo removal machine in the industry right now, then we are confident that the Nu Tatouage is the right option for you.


We all know that tattoos are for life. But thanks to advances in technology we are now able to remove tattoos using lasers. Our tattoo removal machines are non-invasive.  They utilise Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 1064nm, and cutting-edge Quality Switched (also known as Q-switched) Nd-YAG laser beam operating at 532nm.  The Nu Tatouage can be operated by hand or by footswitch.


Nu Tatouage utilises three tips with fixed spot size, suitable for removing tattoos and pigmentations with different sizes and shapes.  It is also equipped with two tips with variable spot size, which is ideal for large tattoos.  A combination of large spot size and high frequency makes the treatment very fast.


Technology in the beauty sector is constantly evolving, and the highly advanced Nu Tatouage Plus is rapidly making its mark in the laser tattoo removal field. Improving on the original Nu Tatouage’s one laser rod, the Plus breaks new ground by utilising two rods. This produces a stronger, more powerful energy pulse, resulting in greater hair removal and fewer treatments required for your client.


Tattoo removal is often painful for the client, and while the application of a numbing cream such as EMLA cream can lessen the pain, the more effective method is to chill the skin with cold air. The innovative Cryo 6 is the most efficient external cooler and has been designed specifically for pain elimination and reducing the risk of thermal injuries. Pair this with the Nu Tatouage Plus for a highly successful result and excellent client satisfaction.


We use state of the art technology and provide a second to none customer care service; something we remain proud of for all the laser products we have on sale.


Essential Information

How does the Nu Tatouage Plus work?

Tattoos are designs created by injecting coloured pigments into the dermis layer of the skin and can be produced by amateur artists, professional tattoo artists, and highly trained medical practitioners in the case of medical tattoos.

Delivered via a tattoo gun, the professional tattoos are permanent, and removing the ink can be a difficult process. Amateur tattoos, on the other hand, are often created manually using either portable machines or even sewing needles. Finally, medical or cosmetic tattoos include the tattooing of eyebrows after chemotherapy.

Often requiring several treatment sessions, the Nu Tatouage Plus laser machine breaks down the ink with the tattoo fading away with each treatment. The Nu Tatouage Plus tattoo removal machine equally removes professional tattoos, amateur tattoos, and medical or cosmetic tattoos. By directing the laser at the tattoo, using selective photo thermolysis, the pigment within the skin rapidly decomposes, without affecting the surrounding tissue, and is harmlessly flushed away to be eliminated from the body.

Removing tattoos used to be incredibly painful and left the skin damaged and often scarred. Dermabrasion, salabrasion, cryosurgery, chemicals, surgical excision, and electrosurgery were all common practices and invariably failed to remove the ink.

Transforming tattoo removal practices, Nu Tatouage Plus with its state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technology can now permanently erase inked designs, allowing the tattooed to change their minds. Almost entirely painless with dramatically improved results, exceptional tattoo removal is available to your clients via the Nu Tatouage Plus.

How quickly can the Nu Tatouage Plus produce great results?

Darker coloured tattoos should be treated at 1064nm, with results becoming obvious almost immediately. The tattoos first tend to appear cloudy and minute areas of colour start ‘bleeding’ out of the design.

Over the next few treatment sessions, the colour will gradually fade away, with complete removal occurring after several appointments with the Nu Tatouage Plus tattoo laser removal machine. Whilst treatments can sometimes be uncomfortable, they are rarely painful with the Nu Tatouage Plus.

Each treatment sees the ink fragments breaking down and being flushed away by the lymphatic system, leaving more fading after each salon visit.

How quickly can I see a return on my investment after purchasing the Nu Tatouage Plus?

The Nu Tatouage Plus can be paid off in less than five weeks. This is with only seven clients every six days, with each treatment costing the industry average plus VAT.

Costing less than one pence per laser shot, this laser tattoo machine will be a great addition to your salon.



Free Training & Certificate

Buying a laser machine from the British Institute of Lasers means that you have access to our team of experienced practitioners. You will receive a free full or half-day training course, either online, or at our clinic focusing on your particular choice of machine, with comprehensive guidance into the major aspects of the Core of Knowledge. This includes laser beams and the properties of light, contra-indications, and how lasers interact with certain skin types. Continuing, we will take you through health and safety considerations and how to operate, clean and maintain your laser machine.
You’ll also receive a practical session, learning how to use your laser machine effectively and efficiently, and we can answer any questions that arise. A Certificate of Training, which is a mandatory requirement for insurance companies and your local council, is awarded at the end of the course.
If you are outside the UK, on-line training and videos will be provided.


Outstanding Laser Tattoo Removal Results with the Nu Tatouage

Black Ink Tattoos

Colored Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Removal After One Session


Sidenote: A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient is included with the machine.  Additional operator’ goggles cost £120, suitable for those clients who want to have a family member or a friend present at the time of treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machines for Sale

Laser Type

Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser


1064nm, 532nm & 1320nm

Spot Size Diameter

1-8mm (adjustable)

Pulse Energy

up to 90J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10Hz (adjustable)

Pulse Width




System Update

Micro SD


Floor standing (desktop with lower power optional)


8.4” LCD colour touch screen


air (optional skin cooling device)

Power Supply

110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

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4.9 overall

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  1. Avatar

    Nicole F., Swansea

    I have worked with a few tattoo removal machines before at places I worked at so I knew exactly what I wanted to avoid when I was setting up on my own. I heard about the Nu Tatouage from a Google search, it sounded exactly what I was looking for. I spoke with Dr Zarandouz directly who is very knowledgeable – he stood out among the other people at the trade fair and I was able to get a good deal as the machine was purchased alongside the Cryo 6 machine. Look forward to the results it will bring in 2023 and beyond.

    Nicole F., Swansea

  2. Paula B., Lexington, Kentucky, US

    Paula B., Lexington, Kentucky, US

    A lot of our customers come in and ask us if laser tattoo removal is really worth it. Ever since we started working with British Lasers laser tattoo removal machines, I can guarantee all my clients that it really, really does work 😍😍😍 This machine does a perfect job of removing tattoos of all sizes and colors within just a couple of treatments.

    Paula B., Lexington, Kentucky, US

  3. Seb R., Coventry, UK

    Seb R., Coventry, UK

    Tattoo removal can be painful especially when our clients have to come back for several treatments and not everyone is willing to go through the discomfort. Cover-up jobs often end up not being the best or most aesthetic solution, so clients often come back for a laser removal of an even bigger and more recent tattoo. We decided to record some videos of the Cryo 6 doing its thing and show them to potential clients when they ask for tattoo removal advice. It just makes clients more comfortable and more willing to undergo a laser tattoo removal. 10/10 for this machine from me, even though 5 is the highest rating!

    Seb R., Coventry, UK

  4. Avatar

    Shelly, London

    After a fellow salon owner’s recommendation, I bought the Nu Tatouage from British Institute of Lasers and have never looked back. Their pre-purchase advice and aftercare has been excellent, and the training course gave me the knowledge and confidence to use this high tech laser in my salon. I’m happy, my clients are happy and my business has grown as a result. Thank you!

    Shelly, London

  5. Avatar

    Eric G

    Great machine, great training and a very friendly team. They were very patient during the online training despite the wifi issues on our end!

    Eric G

  6. Avatar

    Trey S

    In the last couple of years, I’ve had more and more customers coming into my studio for tattoo removal, or reinking. This can be really difficult, time consuming and expensive, and it doesn’t always work. With the Nu Tatouage, removing unwanted tattoos is easy, and depending on the tattoo, often only takes a couple of sessions to remove all the ink completely. Much better than my old machine 😁 Can’t wait to reopen after COVID and start working again! 😩

    Trey S

  7. Avatar

    Robbie T. Aberdeen Tattooists

    Very impressed with the quality of the Nu Tatouage. Negotiated a great deal, fast delivery and Dr Zarandouz came to train us at our parlour. Brilliant

    Robbie T. Aberdeen Tattooists

  8. Avatar

    Louise B. – Carlisle

    It’s refreshing to encounter a business that goes beyond selling its products.
    James offered some words of advice both for my business and on getting the best from the laser tattoo removal machine. I had just started and without his words of advice, I would have missed out on some important information related to the business. I am now in my third month and the Nu Tatouage tattoo remover has proved to be just what I wanted.

    I’m at a stage where the machine has almost paid off for itself and I’m grateful for some of the inside tricks that I learnt in marketing my business from Majid and James.

    Louise B. – Carlisle

  9. Avatar

    Steve B.

    After searching around online for a picosecond laser machine, someone in another salon recommended the Nu Tatouage from Bristish Institute of Lasers. I did some research, spoke to other owners, and took the plunge. I’ve never looked back. This removes tattoos as painlessly as possible, and even the heaviest inking didn’t take a lot of appointments. After the training given by Mr Zarandouz, I felt confident, and after a very short time, I was comfortably switching between settings and felt very able to judge which treatment any given tattoo required.

    Steve B.

  10. Avatar

    Eric S. – London

    Nu Tatouage is an excellent laser tattoo removal machine. This is not only a result of its features but also its price. Dr Majid gave me extremely useful advice regarding operating and upkeep for this machine. He also covered how different skin types work with lasers, health and safety, and issued me with the certificate of Training which I needed. The service was impeccable, if you’re looking for a laser tattoo removal machine, I’d recommend getting it from the British institute of lasers to make sure you get the appropriate info and advice.

    Eric S. – London

  11. Avatar

    Clara K.

    If you’re looking for a non-invasive but powerful tattoo removal machine, you’ve found it. While results vary depending on the specific tattoo (size, coloration, age) or the client’s skin type in cases of various spots and discolorations, you can rely on this machine to make the best out of every treatment. It’s efficient and it’s fast even on large areas (and just a little bit noisy – but we don’t mind). The team came out to the studio to show us how to use the machine, and covered loads while they were here. The training certificate has allowed me to renew my business license and get cheaper insurance premiums, which is great news.

    Clara K.

  12. Avatar

    Jack T.

    Great quality tattoo removal machine at a reasonable price. We would definitely buy again.

    Jack T.

  13. Avatar

    Eva C. Flora Tattoos

    The staff helped me get a reliable tattoo removal machine that I am confident using with my clients. Our Nu Tatouage machine is a great additon to my business. Thank you.

    Eva C. Flora Tattoos

  14. Avatar

    Silk Laser Clinic

    After months of searching for the right picosecond laser, we saw the Nu Tatouage being demonstrated at a tattoo expo and decided it was the one for us. We haven’t looked back. The laser is simple to operate, stays put, and the fading response is good. We bought the machine on special offer from the expo and although you can get even cheaper, for the level of customer support and on-site training we received from British Lasers, we were happy to pay that bit extra.

    Silk Laser Clinic

  15. Avatar

    Francis M.

    Constantly searched the net high and low for a company that could supply a high quality product. After a short disaster from a seller through eBay, I found British Institute of Lasers. A LOT of tattoo removal companies claim they have the next best thing, but that’s normally garbage! I can only speak on behalf of one nightmare experience, but British Institute of Lasers have restored my faith in shopping online. A fantastic product that arrived safely, intact, on time and in one piece. Once again, you cannot argue with British engineering. Excellent training and excellent communications throughout. Francis

    Francis M.

  16. Avatar

    Annie S.

    Thank you British Institute of Lasers…our clients couldn’t be happier with the results 🥰 For anyone looking for a quality laser machine that doesn’t break the bank, we would recommend Dr. Majid and his team.

    Annie S.

  17. Avatar

    Lily B.

    I appreciate all the help and advice offered by British Lasers which resulted in a purchase of my tattoo removal machine.

    Training is spot on and I have felt comfortable using the Nu Tatouage tattoo remover from day one. Dr Ebdon did a great job training me and two of my staff at our salon. He answered all our questions, and now we all have Certificates which has made insurance easier to get.

    I will be in touch in the future as we look to scale up our business. Thanks again.

    Lily B.

  18. Avatar

    Linda C.

    After the birth of my first child, I’d been wanting to get my lower back tattoo removed for ages. But I was petrified after hearing horror stories of multiple painful treatments and spending thousands doing it! Fortunately my brother in law runs a clinic and I convinced him to buy a laser tattoo removal machine. British Lasers delivered the laser the following week and were so helpful in tutoring us on how to use the machine safely. My tattoo was erased in a few sessions, hardly leaving a trace. And my brother in law now has tons of new clients.

    Linda C.

  19. Avatar

    Joshua B.

    Undeniably the product is decent – easy to use and an all-round quality build. I was slightly disappointed though that the company was running a promotional offer a few days after I purchased the laser, meaning I could’ve picked it up for 20% cheaper.

    Joshua B.

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Dear Joshua,
      Thank you for your honest feedback. While our laser machines do come at a premium price, we offer a premium machine, that’s complimented with free UK onsite training, lifetime support and backup, and and all the relevant certificates / accreditation you need.

      By subscribing to our newsletter, we will inform you anytime such promotional offers are being run in the future.

      British Institute of Lasers

  20. Avatar

    Corey H. Crystal Tatttoos

    1 in 5 people want their tattoos removed and as someone who provides that service, I needed a machine that I can trust. The machine I received from British Lasers gives results. Training was really helpful. I was provided with consultation form and other forms to go with treatments. They gave me some useful literature which helped me a lot with further understanding of the Law and regulations.

    Everything you would want from a tattoo removal machine…

    Corey H. Crystal Tatttoos

  21. Avatar

    Frank H. House Ink

    I usually go for the best device and I am guided by the price. Naturally, I opted for the most expensive tattoo removal laser machine in the market but once I got in touch with Majid at the British Institute of Lasers, he explained that it was all about what I required it for and not the price.

    When I do an assessment of my business performance, I find that the Nu Tatouage is very cost effective and reliable device. My clients are always satisfied and I have been able to undertake all jobs in little time and with minimal fuss. I recommend the Nu Tatouage tattoo remover to any serious person.

    Frank H. House Ink

  22. Avatar

    Usman W. The Ink Collective

    As a small business, it helps that all our requirements have been met by the Nu Tatouage machine. very pleased

    Usman W. The Ink Collective

  23. Avatar

    Leanne S. Parkway Laser Clinic

    I’m extremely pleased with my Nu Tatouage laser tattoo removal machine from British Lasers. The staff were highly knowledgeable about the best machines on the market for our budget and we were not disappointed. Our patients are very impressed with the results!

    Leanne S. Parkway Laser Clinic

  24. Avatar

    Ella N. Belle Clinic

    We needed a new tattoo removal machine ASAP as our last one broke over night. The customer services at British Lasers were amazing and had our laser express shipped in just a few days. They offered support throughout in getting to know our new machine, which was invaluable. Our clients see results immediately and the treatments times have reduced in half. The addition of the Black Doll Treatment is fab! It makes me money and my clients love it. 5 stars from us.

    Ella N. Belle Clinic

  25. Avatar

    Rebecca O.

    I bought my tattoo removal laser machine (Nu Tatouage) from British Institute of lasers nearly eight months ago. The machine speaks for itself, very effective and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Dr Majid offered us bespoke service and training. Unlike most other places where after sale service doesn’t exist, with British lasers it was different. They seem to be keen on their customers, whether before the sale or after. They are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended this company to two of my friends who are in the same business 😇🥰

    Rebecca O.

  26. Avatar

    Nathan J.

    Like many, I had my tattoos done in what seemed like a fleeting moment and some of them I’ve come to regret. Even though I since started working as a tattoo artist, there was no way I could cover mine up. After scouring the internet for a decent and well priced tattoo removal machine, I finally found the one. This machine works magical on black, blue, brown colours. and my clients have needed less treatments even on the most stubborn tattoos.

    Nathan J.

  27. Avatar

    Sarah J.

    Happy to recommend this picosecond laser. The machine arrived later than expected but customer services kept us informed and the machine works really well. V pleased.

    Sarah J.

  28. Avatar

    Rebecca A. The Cosmetic Group

    This laser is perfect for consistent use at our busy clinic. The ordering process itself was simple, would definitely use British Lasers to stock our business again.

    Rebecca A. The Cosmetic Group

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