how effective is tattoo removal

How Effective is Tattoo Removal? Learn the Care Tips that Make All the Difference

As a general rule, the one thing we know for sure about tattoo removal is that every person—and every tattoo—is different.

One small tattoo may vanish after just one or two sessions under the laser while another larger, multi-colored tattoo may take more than six sessions to disappear completely. So, how effective is tattoo removal? A lot of that answer depends on how well you maintain aftercare in the home and how closely you follow the rules your doctor has set out for you. But, tattoo removal efficacy can also be affected by the type of machine that is used, the age of that machine, and a few other variables.

The Age of The Machine

Depending on the age of the tattoo removal machine and how up-to-date the technology is will tell you a little bit about how effective you can expect the laser tattoo removal process to be. If you’re being treated with a new machine like the Nu Tatouage, and your technician is highly skilled, there’s a very good chance that unless you have some very stubborn ink, you could get away with just three sessions.

On the other hand, if you have a very large tattoo you wish to have removed and the machine is more than 10 years old, it could take six or even nine sessions for all the ink to be removed by way of photothermolysis: the process by which lasers blast ink to tiny particles that are then picked up by your white blood cells and delivered to your liver to turn into waste.

How Well You Manage Aftercare

After each tattoo laser removal session, your doctor and/or technician will provide you with some special instructions as to how you should care for the area that was lasered. If you don’t follow these instructions, there’s a good chance you may have to undergo more sessions, as the ink removal process will be hindered by noncompliance. Here’s a shortlist of the things you need to be mindful of after a tattoo removal session:

01. For 14 days after tattoo removal, avoid direct sunlight, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

02. If your tattoo removal site begins to blister, swell, or itch, only use the creams or ointments given to you by the provider or recommended by your doctor: that means that just because you heard that a specific cream is good for tattoo removal, it may not be the best choice given the specific type of machine that was used to remove your tattoo, based on the type of laser that was used, when the machine was made, and which colors of ink were removed.

03. Instead of using designer lotions to soothe aching skin, use an ice pack to ensure your healing process stays on track.

04. For best results, prep your immune system before removing the tattoo(s) What most people don’t know to consider is that their immune systems play a really important role in the recovery process after a tattoo removal session by laser. That means the more prepared your body is, the faster it is likely to heal.

05. To ramp up your immune strength, about 14 days beforehand, start taking 3000 IU of vitamin C every day.

06. Eat highly nutritious foods that are high in protein and iron, as this will help your blood carry away waste from the tattoo site to the liver, where it can be eliminated. Consider adding raw ginger, turmeric, and garlic to your diet before your sessions, as these will dramatically reduce the redness and swelling you are surely in for.

Why You Should Consider the Nu Tatouage Plus for Your Clients

The Nu Tatouage is a phenomenal new tattoo removal picolaser, and incredibly advanced at a cost that won’t break the bank for providers. The Nu Tatouage can remove names and cursive writing, rings, symbols, and bands, all kinds of designs and tribal art, arm sleeves and large scale back art, just to name a few. With shorter pulse durations, with the Nu Tatouage, there is less pain for the patient, and that means they’re more likely to come back for more to complete the tattoo removal process.

And, offering triple wavelengths means the Nu Tatouage offers a superior ability to remove all color types and hues. Finally, because it’s a state of the art machine with even energy application, the Nu Tatouage is safe for all skin types, and can even be used to remove other types of blemishes from the skin, such as liver spots, café au lait birthmarks, spider veins, and other types of unsightly marks on the skin. Check out our affordable prices here.


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