how much does laser tattoo removal cost

How Much is Tattoo Removal? Learn About the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

One thing you should know about laser tattoo removal, if you know nothing else, is that it’s not something you want to bargain shop for as a consumer, but something that as a provider you can offer for a fair price. Read on to learn more about what goes into the cost of tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Price Points Are Going to Be All Over The Map No Matter Where You Are

You can find places that offer tattoo removal by way of picolaser for as little as $39 per session in some parts of North America, and others that cost as much as eight times that price or more. So, how do you know how much consumers should be paying for tattoo removal, what’s fair to you as a provider of laser tattoo removing, and how to strike the bargain somewhere in the middle? What number is fair to both patient and doctor or technician?


You shouldn’t just let any person with a fancy tattoo-removing laser handle your skincare needs. After all, removing a tattoo is part of a medical practice, and it takes a lot more know-how than just understanding how to flip a switch to operate a laser that strikes at the skin more than a trillion times per second. As a consumer, you want to pick someone with a lengthy, public track record of providing good results for the patients s/he has served over the months or years. And as a provider, you should be vetting your patients, ensuring that they are mentally prepared for the process and truly ready to say goodbye to their inked patches of skin.

Overhead Cost

As a provider of tattoo removing services, you have to consider the cost of photothermolysis machines, the cost you pay in rent each month, the electricity cost associated with running picolasers, the payroll that must be paid in full each month to your staff, and other incidentals. If you look only at the price of the lasers you want to buy and nothing else, you’re going to dramatically undersell your services. And, in addition to the costs above, you need to also include the premium of making yourself available to your clients—do you have a fancy medical degree? How about special certifications? Any recognition in your field? All of these things need to be part of the price you ultimately charge your customers because if you don’t, you’re saying that anyone—with or without putting any real investment in the appearance and health of their skin—should have access to you.

The Cost of Removing Tattoos is All About Location, Location, Location

Your price will also largely be determined by where you are, whether you’re the consumer or the provider. The cost for laser tattoo removal in Manhattan won’t be the same as they are in Gary, Indiana, nor will they be the same to the costs abroad, especially when considering laser tattoo removal equipment in London, Tokyo, Vancouver, and other more expensive locales. But, if you’re a smart consumer living in Manhattan, for example, you may save yourself a bundle and still find a reputable laser technician or doctor in Brooklyn without the hefty price tag attached. The same can be said about almost any place on the planet.

Stay Away From “specials” and Deals Where The Price is Dramatically Lower

No matter how much you love a good Groupon, laser tattoo removal isn’t something you should be bargain shopping for, and typically, the best tattoo removal and skin care doctors are not the type to offer all kinds of special deals in mailers or on social media. If the price it too low, you may get a really great deal on a really bad tattoo removal job, and in the end, you’ll wind up spending even more, because someone will have to complete the job of removing your tattoos.

And, as a provider, rather than offering bargain-basement deals that are likely costing you money over time because they can tarnish your reputation, instead offer your clientele the ability to make installment payments to make the cost a little more palatable and easier on the pocketbook.

A High-End Picolaser Gives The Best Results Without Breaking The Bank For Providers

Not all providers know that they can obtain a high-end picolaser without having to suck their bank accounts dry or make payments for a million years. Right now, for example, British Lasers is offering the outstanding Nu Tatouage Plus picolaser. Let’s have a look at the details that make this a steal:

  • Nu Tatouage Plus comes complete with free staff training for your entire crew so that everyone understands exactly how it operates and how to stay safe while using it.
  • Nu Tatouage Plus isn’t just for tattoo removal—it also tightens and rejuvenates the skin and has the ability to remove old age spots, unsightly birthmarks and freckles, and nevus spilus.
  • With its new picosecond pulse technology, the Nu Tatouage Plus offers incredible results your clients are sure to be thrilled with—and makes it possible to remove more tattoo ink in fewer sessions.
  • With its three fixed tips and two adjustable tips, Nu Tatouage Plus allows for incredible precision, no matter the size of the tattoo or blemish.
  • The Nu Tatouage Plus comes standard with state of the art Q-switched technology for shorter tattoo removal sessions your clients are sure to be grateful for.

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