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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last? Learn the Facts, Get the Tips


Permanent hair removal is a misnomer. Period.

The short answer is that it will take about six to twelve months for hair to grow back after laser hair removal. But the long version has to do with where you removed hair from, and what you can expect for hair regrowth after the laser hair removal process is complete.

To understand why laser hair removal is not, in fact, permanent, you need to first understand the process that actually makes the hair go away in the first place.

How laser hair removal works 101

In simplest terms, laser hair removal uses the energy from highly focused beams of light to destroy individual hair follicles at their roots, which are beneath the surface of the skin. But, because not every hair that’s being removed is at the exact same point in the growth cycle, they won’t all receive the same level of “radiation” for lack of a better term. Instead, some hairs will receive the full rays of the laser while other hairs, barely being formed, will barely be scathed by the lasering process.

So, for you to achieve fully hairlessness, you’ll have to laser numerous times to fully eradicate every single root of every single hair—and you’ll have to send them to their graves more than once for it to work over the long term.

Most experts in dermatology and skincare suggest that for a given area of the body, it will take somewhere between six and eight hair removal treatments with a laser for the hairs to all be permanently destroyed.

But is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

Yep. There sure is. You can ensure that you are treated by a dermatologist, doctor, or technician who really knows what they are doing and who is using the most modern lasers because the most up-to-date technology will ensure that you’ll need fewer treatments in most cases.

And, as a cool side benefit, the newer state-of-the-art lasers use shorter wavelengths, which in addition to achieving long lasting and better hair removal results, will be less painful for you to sit and endure.

Another nifty benefit to newer hair removal systems? Fewer treatments mean you’ll spend less money, and when you figure each treatment runs somewhere between $500 and $1250, the idea of fewer treatments is pretty appealing for your wallet and your delicate skin.

Considerations for laser hair removal providers

If you’re a dermatologist or other provider on the hunt for a new laser removal machine, there are two offered by British Lasers that you should consider.

Nu eRays

This fundamentally phenomenal hair removal laser machine comes to you from British Lasers at an unbelievably discounted price of just £10,950 (it’s on the market elsewhere for around £17,000 or even more!)

What we love about the Nu eRays hair removal laser machine is that it is incredibly easy to operate, it’s speedy for all kinds of hair removal processes, and works very efficiently, which will help to keep your operating costs low for this machine.

The Award-Winning Nu TriLaze

The Nu Trilaze offers the absolute most modern advances available in hair removal technology today, and comes to you at the unreal price of just £11,950 when you shop with British Lasers—at other merchants, you can plan to spend upwards of £20,000 for the exact same piece of equipment!

What’s amazing about the Nu TriLaze is that it offers both hair removal and skin rejuvenation, along with other dermatological technologies, all in one compact machine. The Nu TriLaze is perfect for treating any and all skin types and is proven to be at least twice as efficient as other leading hair removal laser machines, which can, at best, only offer half of what Nu TriLaze brings you.

Its cutting edge SuperCool technology leaves patients feeling refreshed, and causes virtually zero pain during the hair removal process—a huge selling point for any practice or day spa! It’s easy to operate, offers peerless results in hair removal and rejuvenation, and costs less than 0.5 pence per shot to operate!

Summing it up

Both of these laser hair removal treatment machines come from British Lasers with free training for your staff at the British Lasers training facility or on your premises, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. And, we also offer a wide variety of financing options so you can start making money while slowly paying us back, making obtaining and maintaining the Nu eRays and the Nu TriLaze well within your reach. Questions about the Nu eRays or the Nu TriLaze? Contact us today by clicking here.

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