how long does laser hair removal last

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last? Learn the Facts, Get the Tips

Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Process?

Any hair which has been successfully removed can be considered to be permanently gone.  However, in rare cases, an imbalance in body hormones can trigger the regrowth of hair. The factors which may cause regrowth of the hair are: hirsutism, stress, menopause and hormonal imbalance resulting from side effects of some medicine.

To understand why laser hair removal could be permanent, you need to first understand the process of hair removal by laser machines.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

In simplest terms, laser hair removal uses the energy from highly focused beams of light to destroy hair-producing cells at the base of the hair follicles. When laser light is emitted on the skin it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair,  turning the light into heat, which travels along the hair shaft down into the follicle. This process requires a certain amount of heat.

For laser hair removal to succeed, the hair must be attached to the base of the follicle; in other words, the hair should be in the Anagen, or growing, state. If the hair is not attached to the base and is in Telogen state or resting state the hair itself will be destroyed, but the cells remain untouched and will be able to produce hair in the next hair growth cycle.

Not all the hairs on our body are in the Anagen state; if they were, then only one treatment would be necessary. The percentage of Anagan hair on different parts of our body varies and can be anything from 30% to 80%.  If you have more hair in Anagen state then you require fewer laser treatments.  Assuming that an area has 60% Anagen hair then in the first session you lose 60% of the hair and only 40% remains.

Giving the area over four weeks time for a hair growth cycle, then in the second treatment 60% of the remaining hair, which is 24% will be destroyed.  This means after two sessions 84% of the hair is removed and only 16% remains.  During the third session another 60% of the remaining hair, which is 10% will be gone. This makes 94% hair removal after three sessions.  After the fourth session, another 3.6% will be removed, making a total of 97.6%.  So as you can see, for laser hair removal there is a need for multiple sessions.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Speed Up The Process?

Yep. Sure there is. You need to ensure that you are treated by a dermatologist, doctor, or therapist who really knows what they are doing and who is using the most efficient lasers because the most up-to-date technology will ensure that you’ll need fewer treatments in most cases.

The laser machine must be able to deliver sufficient energy to the skin.  It must also be equipped with an excellent cooling system.  Cooling is a very important factor in successful hair removal. Generally, the conversion of laser light into heat can be painful for us, but by cooling the skin during treatment, not only does the patient have a pain-free experience, but it also allows the treatment to takes place using higher laser energy.  This leads to a successful treatment.

The most efficient method of cooling is contact cooling. This means that the tip of the handpiece which touches the skin is cooled to sub-zero temperatures providing a pain-free treatment for your client. Our  Nu TriLaze Plus laser machine is equipped with a contact cooling system, delivering up to 100J/cm2 energy which is more than sufficient for the deepest hair. Another advantage of contact cooling is that it allows even dark skins to be treated.

Is there another great benefit to good hair removal laser machines? Fewer treatments mean you’ll spend less money, and when you consider that each full body treatment runs somewhere between £400 and £1200 per session, the idea of fewer treatments is pretty appealing for your wallet and your delicate skin.

Considerations For Laser Hair Removal Providers

If you’re a dermatologist or other laser hair removal provider on the hunt for a new laser removal machine, there are two offered by British Institute of Lasers that you should consider.

The Award-Winning Nu TriLaze Plus

This fundamentally phenomenal hair removal laser machine comes to you from the British Institute of Lasers at a very special price. We have special offers and sale prices from time to time, so check our latest price here.

What we love about the Nu TriLaze Plus hair removal laser machine is that it is incredibly easy to operate, it is speedy for all kinds of hair removal processes, and works very efficiently, which will help to keep your operating costs low for this machine.

What’s amazing about the Nu TriLaze Plus is that it offers three lasers in one compact machine. It is perfect for treating any and all skin types and is proven to be at least twice as efficient as other leading hair removal laser machines, which can, at best, only offer half of what Nu TriLaze Plus brings you.

Its cutting edge SuperCool technology leaves patients feeling refreshed, and causes virtually zero pain during the hair removal process — a huge selling point for any practice or day spa! It’s easy to operate, offers peerless results in hair removal and rejuvenation, and costs less than 0.5 pence per shot to operate!

Summing Up

This laser hair removal treatment machines come from British Lasers with free training for your staff at the British Lasers training facility or on your premises, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. We also offer a wide variety of financing options so you can start making money while slowly paying us back, making obtaining and maintaining the Nu TriLaze Plus well within your reach.

If you have any questions about the Nu TriLaze Plus contact us today by clicking here, or simply use our Live Chat.

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