Laser Hair Removal at Home

An increasing amount of people are turning to cosmetic laser machines for hair loss, rejuvenated skin and even weight loss. When it comes to laser hair removal there are a variety of different treatments available from diode laser hair removal at a clinic to using hand-held IPL devices at home.

In this post, we’re delving into commercial and portable semi-permanent hair removal treatments to discover whether it’s really possible to achieve the same results at home.


Laser Hair Removal or IPL – Which Should You Choose?

To begin, it’s important to understand the distinction between a laser hair removal machine, such as a diode laser, and a high-quality IPL machine.

A laser hair removal machine targets the melanin within individual hair follicles, destroying them to slow down and even prevent hair growth. A popular choice for a laser hair removal machine is the Nu TriLaze Plus which is the newest laser with the latest technology that combines the use of three different laser technologies to deliver excellent and lasting results.

On the other hand, an IPL machine also targets the melanin in hair follicles but does so using broad-spectrum light. As a result, an IPL machine will also treat the area surrounding the hair follicle.

Although diode laser hair removal machines can be more effective at stalling unwanted hair growth, IPL carries a host of other benefits that often get overlooked. Since it also affects the surrounding area, an IPL machine can rejuvenate the skin and even treat skin conditions including redness, wrinkles, sun damage and even acne. This form of treatment is also known as photorejuvenation, or a ‘photofacial’.

Does Laser Hair Removal at Home Work?

Since laser hair removal became popular, big global electronics brands such as Phillips and Braun came to market with compact laser and IPL machines that could be used at home. The good news for us consumers is that it makes laser hair removal more affordable and convenient since you can schedule your hair removal when you want. However, there are some important elements to bear in mind before you buy.

Portable hair removal machines make a lot of promises about eliminating hair growth for months at a time, but the rate of success is questionable. One reason is the fact that laser hair removal and IPL are more effective on some skin types than others. If you go in for professional treatment, you will first meet with a qualified medical practitioner and laser handler who will assess your unique skin tone and produce a bespoke treatment plan accordingly. Therefore, effective long-term laser hair removal probably can’t be achieved at home.

The other thing to consider is getting even results. Many parts of the body such as the back are difficult to reach unless you have someone assisting you. A trained professional will be able to give you a full body treatment, depending on your wishes.

Finally there’s the safety consideration. While all IPL and laser devices must pass stringent safety tests, nothing will replace the feeling of security knowing that you’re in capable hands.

So our advice is if you’re looking to do simple hair removal on easily accessible parts of the body, such as the legs, and feel comfortable doing the treatment yourself, then laser hair removal at home could work for you. But to guarantee amazing results in a safe environment, it’s worth putting your trust in a professional.

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