laser lipo

Does Laser Lipo Work?

There is an alternative to the conventional liposuction. It is known as Laser Lipo. It is akin to an upgrade and produces the same result albeit in a different way. Theoretically, there is supposed to be a big difference in the result, with a better overall look and less pain. Let the British Lasers explain it for you.

The treatment involves pads targeting specific parts of the body. The low power laser light, usually a diode laser, is used to catalyse a chemical reaction in the fat cells. They break down the fat, which is stored as triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol.  The latter two chemicals can be released in the cell membranes into the lymph system.  In order to complete the procedure, the patient should drink plenty of water and exercise.  This will facilitate the removal of the produced fatty acids from the body.

The results can be observed almost immediately after the treatment.  Losing one or two inches off the waist size for a size 36 is typical. Each treatment may take 30-40 minutes, and two treatments per week for a period of three weeks is recommended.


Laser lipo treatments are generally faster, more effective and ultimately safer than liposuction. The laser is employed to various layers of fat cells present in your body while sealing up blood vessels in the process. Finally, the patient benefits from a non-invasive procedure with better results in addition to no recovery time. Since there is no surgery involved then there are no risks of infections and scars.

The laser lipo does not require any anesthetic and you can remain wide awake as the procedure is being undertaken. General anesthetics are known to bring complications before, during, and after surgery. Consequently, the laser lipo makes the whole procedure safer for the patient while circumventing any potential dangers associated with the anesthetic.

Laser lipo does not damage surrounding tissues such as skin, blood vessels and nerve cells.

For the best, safest and fastest results in laser liposuction, check out the Nu Lipo. It’s a contemporary laser that uses the newest groundbreaking technology, making sure that your fat is melted away inch by inch with every treatment. Apart from fat breakdown, the Nu Lipo also stimulates the production of collagen, ensuring that your skin stays nice and tight.


There are no known risks.  The procedure is pain-free, safe and leaves no scars.

The temperature should also be monitored during the procedure because of a minor risk of burns if the pads are left on the body for very long periods.

It is yet to be proved that laser lipo tightens the skin through liquefying body fat. However, there is some evidence that laser lipo combined with Radio Frequency (RF) treatments may improve skin elasticity and tightness.