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Laser Hair Removal: 5 Myths – Busted

Sick of shaving your legs in a rush for a spontaneous night out? Never quite manage to successfully get every hair on your bikini line? Laser hair removal might be for you – read on as we bust some myths.

 Myth 1: “It hurts so much!”

Actually, most people who undergo laser hair removal find the pain to be manageable – more of a discomfort, and the sensation can be described as similar to the snapping of an elastic band against the skin. It takes some getting used to, but as long as you don’t leave it too long between subsequent sessions, it won’t be too painful. There is also the option of numbing cream and similar precautionary measures.


Myth 2: “You have to grow your hair for ages first.”

You actually have to shave the area you’re getting lasered, 2-3 days prior to having the treatment done meaning you won’t be walking in there with leg hair longer than a cat. Some places will shave the area for you, but at a cost – so you may as well do it yourself before you go. After all, with any luck you won’t have to shave for a long time if you’re getting laser hair removal done!


Myth 3: “Laser hair removal doesn’t work on people with dark skin.”

Again, this isn’t true – it’s not as pain-free or as quick, but it is possible. The laser targets melanin the hair, but can often get confused with the melanin in the skin. In theory and in practice, laser hair removal works best on light skin with dark hair but that’s not to say it doesn’t work at all for other people. There are lasers designed specifically to treat people with darker skin, so just make sure you go to somebody who knows what they’re doing.


Myth 4: “It causes ingrown hairs!”

It doesn’t, and it’s actually a recommended treatment for people who do in fact suffer from ingrown hairs and conditions like folliculitis. Laser hair removal will help to flatten the annoying bumps caused by ingrown hairs, too.


Myth 5: “You can’t use fake tan.”

While you can’t have fake tan on your skin on the days when you’re getting the procedure done, you can absolutely use and wear fake tan in between treatments. So party to your heart’s content while you wait for your next laser hair removal treatment!

The best laser hair removal machine you can use in 2023 is the Nu TriLaze Plus which combines 3 different laser techniques into a single machine. It’s a high-end laser hair removal machine aimed at getting quick and long-lasting results, while also stimulating collagen production and providing skin tightening effects. If you’re getting your body hair removed via laser, this is a bulletproof laser hair removal machine to use.

Make sure you look into any laser treatment before booking anything – safety first, smooth legs second.

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