Ear Hair Removal: How To Do It Right

Having ear hair is completely natural and an important aspect of your overall health. But sometimes we can experience excessive hair growth in this part of the body. This is even more common when we age. Hair growth in the ears can also be caused by conditions such as a hormonal imbalance, and can become unhygienic. Even though this is not dangerous, it can cause you to feel self-conscious, so having it removed can make your life happier.

What Are The Different Ways of Removing Ear Hair?

There are various ways that you can remove unwanted ear hair. The first is to use scissors and tweezers. While this is a quick way to trim ear hair, it’s not the safest method as you risk cutting yourself with sharp tools. It is also very difficult for you to navigate the tools around your ears even when using a mirror. The second option is an ear trimmer. This is more effective than using scissors or tweezers as you can shave closer to the skin. Good quality ear trimmers can be highly effective and they come with a safety stop. Still doing your own ears can be challenging, and in addition you should always clean any wax out of your ears before you start. The third and best option is laser hair removal for ears.

Why We Recommend Laser Hair Removal For The Ears

Laser hair removal treatment is an incredibly effective method of removing unwanted hair from almost any part of the body, including the ears.

The technology is now so advanced that a laser hair removal machine can be used for even the smallest parts of the body. It’s completely safe as long as it’s done using a good quality laser machine that is operated by a trained professional. Laser hair removal when done correctly won’t cause any harm to your sensitive ears.

The laser will emit a powerful light that hits the hair follicle and destroys it. This process needs to be repeated over a few treatment sessions to guarantee long term results. The average number of sessions required is between 3 x – 6 x depending on your unique characteristics. The laser won’t make any permanent changes to your features, and hair will start growing back eventually. Once a set of treatments has been completed you can expect to stay hair free in your ears for up to 12 months.

Laser hair removal isn’t painful for your ears but you may feel some discomfort. The skin around the ears is on the thinner side so you may feel a sensation similar to a sharp pinch or a slight burn. Don’t be alarmed as this is very normal and apart from slight redness the next day, it won’t leave any marks on your skin. If you do feel concerned mention this to your laser specialist, and they will be happy to pause treatment, apply a cooling gel or otherwise do what is necessary to make you feel more comfortable.

So if you’ve been grappling with unwanted ear hair, next time give laser hair removal a try. It might just be life-changing.

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