Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

As an alternative to traditional hair removal methods, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) has risen to prominence in recent years. But one question lingers: Does IPL hair removal truly work?

Understanding IPL

Firstly, it’s important to comprehend the basics of IPL. IPL treatments utilise high-intensity pulses of light, which are non-invasive and do not result in scarring, to remove undesired hair on various body parts for both genders. Although similar in some aspects to laser hair removal, IPL involves multiple wavelengths, achieving broad-scale results with every pulse.

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Does it Deliver Results?

Yes, IPL hair removal does work, but the effectiveness of the treatment is not instantaneous. The treatment method operates using a “scatter” approach, with diffused wavelengths affecting skin pigments. This method proves especially effective on lighter complexions.

However, IPL mainly affects actively growing hair follicles. As a result, you may require multiple sessions to completely rid a targeted area of hair. It’s a process that requires patience, but the end result can be worth the wait.


Why IPL Works Over Time

During an IPL treatment, the light from the flash lamp travels down the hair shaft to the hair roots, where it converts into heat and damages or destroys the cells at the root. If the hair is in an active growth phase (also known as the Anagen phase), this heat transfer can effectively hinder hair growth.

Around 7 to 21 days post-treatment, you might notice hairs falling out while the epidermis (top skin layer) restores itself. This shedding process can often give the impression that your hair is growing faster, raising doubts about the effectiveness of IPL hair removal.


Indicators of Effective Treatment

Signs of effective IPL treatment include a red ring around the hair follicle or darkening of the treated hair shortly after treatment. These are indications of successful heat transfer to the hair follicles. However, these signs might not always be visible even when the hair removal process is successful.

While IPL is not a permanent solution to hair removal, it provides an effective alternative with minimal downtime, making it a popular choice for many. Its effectiveness is more pronounced with consistent treatments, maintaining the balance between safety and desired results.

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