Nu TriLaze

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The latest technology in laser industry

Three Technologies in one machine

Alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers, Treats all skin types

 Cutting edge SuperCoolTechnology,  NO PAIN

2x more efficient than all other lasers

Easy to operate

Costs less than 1p per 7 shots to operate

Fast & Excellent results

Award winning

No need for external cooling

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

NOW 5 Million shots per handpiece!
One Million shots guaranteed

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Finance available from £282 per month! (subject to status).


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Purchase of the Nu TriLaze includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.

Featuring Nu TriLaze

About the Product:

Nu TriLaze is the latest technology in the laser industry perfect for hair removal clinics and beauty salon owners who are looking to buy a quality, reliable laser hair removal machine that’s safe and requires next to no maintenance.  This machine utilises three laser machines on one platform, namely Alexandrite 755nm, Diode 808nm, and Nd:YAG 1064nm.

Nu Trilaze is very low cost and easy to operate, with the handpiece providing millions of shots before it needs replacing.  The replacement cost equates to each shot costing less than 0.5 Pence, and with its high-speed treatment offering at least 10 shots per second, it means large areas, such as legs, can be completed in minutes.

You will receive the highest quality training from our expert laser scientists. Like all of our machines we provide FREE life-time support on Nu Trilaze. This includes software upgrades, literature, clinical feedbacks, advice and much more.

Free Online Training & Certificate

When you choose one of our laser machines, free online training is included, or a comprehensive half or full day of face-to-face training will be provided. Covering all major aspects of the Core of Knowledge, properties of light and how they relate to laser beams, and the types of laser machines available, our courses aim to fill you with confidence, enabling you to successfully grow your business.
The course also covers target types, skin structure, and health and safety considerations. We will also take you through the structure of your laser machine, including how to operate, clean and maintain it.
This is followed by putting all your new knowledge into practice with the laser machine, with guidance on hand when, and if, you need it. A Certificate of Training is then awarded; this is a mandatory requirement by insurance companies and your local council in order to carry out treatments.
For those outside the UK, training videos and online tutorials are available.


Essential Information

How It Works?

The basic idea behind laser hair removal is using the laser to treat localised sections of the hair, specifically melanin which is key to follicle growth. The laser uses a wavelength (808nm) that is designed to the hair follicle from developing without affecting surrounding skin. The benefit of laser hair removal is that a large area of hair can be treated simultaneously, as opposed to electrolysis which works by targeting each hair individually. This makes the treatment fast and efficient. However caution must be exercised as if used incorrectly, the laser hair removal machine could damage other areas of the skin.

In this process only follicles in which the hair is in the growing stage (called Anagen) can be damaged.  The percentage of Anagen hair varies in different parts of the body and is usually between 25-40%.  Any hair in Catagen or Telogen stage, where hair is not attached to the dermal base cells, is not damaged by lasers.  Depending on the treatment area on average seven treatments spaced approximately three to eight weeks are recommended.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

One of the most common questions we get is how long does laser hair removal last? Laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent. Depending on the amount of sessions and individual skin characteristics, you can expect very little to no hair growth for at least 6 months.

How quickly would I make a return?

The machine is paid for in just less than EIGHT WEEKS, based on only four treatments per day (Assumes 6 working days per week.  Each treatment £55 + VAT)

Why isn't the Nu TriLaze featured on any of the best review sites?

Review websites rely on commission for every sale that happens off the back of their recommendations. They use tracking links and find products from platforms that offer money incentives for affiliate marketers.

Our laser machines are not featured on Amazon, eBay or other platforms, we only sell and distribute exclusively on our website. As there is no incentive for an affiliate marketer to link to our products, they will remain omitted from such review sites.

While we do encourage you to check out review websites, please remember that they are being very selective with their inventory to maximise their potential for generating revenue. You’ll know what we mean if you see a tracking link in the URL to any of the products being reviewed.


To recap, the Nu TriLaze offers you total control over:

  • Fluence (one of the most powerful lasers in the market)
  • Frequency (super fast)
  • Skin type (all skin types)

Sourcing a quality laser removal machine is paramount to reliability and safety, so let us assist with you in making the right commercial decision.

Outstanding Laser Hair Removal Results with the Nu Trilaze

Results reflect both the Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze & the Nu eRays


Laser Type

Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG

Laser Wavelength

755, 808, 1064nm

Spot Size

20mm *12mm (Standard)

Pulse Width

1-700 ms (adjustable)


1-120 J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10 Hz (adjustable)



Skin Type


System Update

Micro SD port


Floor Standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen

Laser module energy



Water + Air + Semiconductor


110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

Laser Model

Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze

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5.0 overall

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  1. Avatar

    Sophia G. (Birmingham)

    I appreciate the time that Magdalena took in showing us the laser machine before we have invested in the Nu TriLaze. Thankfully we were only based 30 minutes around the corner so it was easy to get to their showroom. As a small business, it was critical for us not to make a wrong decision over something so important, so thank you to Magdalena who offered us the training and has been so patient answering my (many!) questions

    Sophia G. (Birmingham)

  2. Avatar

    Olivia C., Newport, Wales

    This machine came in so handy for our small salon just outside Newport. It’s cheap, incredibly powerful, safe, and easy to work with. Plus we got a certificate of training after undergoing a really straightforward course at the British Institute of Lasers premises 😊 This machine is exactly what we needed.

    Olivia C., Newport, Wales

  3. Avatar

    Gurpreet S.

    In the past I purchased a cheap knockoff Chinese laser hair removal machine which did not operate at the wavelength specified, and I was unable to get a refund on the item. Since then I’ve had to undertake thorough due diligence with any buyers.

    My experience with British Lasers has been great and the Nu Trilaze has been working fantastic during our initial trials.

    Gurpreet S.

  4. Avatar

    Tanya P

    I spent ages thinking about getting a laser hair removal machine for my salon, and finally decided to go with the Nu TriLaze. I’m really pleased I did. With three abilities in one machine, it covers everything my customers are looking for. The online training course was enjoyable, clear and easy to follow, and I know I made the right decision. I’m looking forward to opening my salon again once we are properly out of Lockdown.

    Tanya P

  5. Avatar

    Claire V

    So many clients were coming in and asking for effective hair removal treatment that we searched around and found British Lasers. After speaking with Dr Zarandouz, we decided the Nu TriLaze was the ideal machine for our salon. We all attended the training session, and were very impressed with the range and depth of knowledge imparted. The Nu Trilaze has been a great addition, with clients going away happy and hair-free. Laser hair removal is quick, effective and painless, and we haven’t looked back.

    Claire V

  6. Avatar

    Charlotte A.

    Let me just say I got this machine at an insane discount during the sale. The quality of hair removal, the speed at which it operates, the durability of the shots, the low maintenance cost – all of these things are just great. It’s more efficient than other laser hair removal machines that I’ve used in my 10 years’ experience working at a salon and comes with a decent price. Just to let you know that my Certificate of Training arrived this week, so I’m all set to go with my own salon.

    Charlotte A.

  7. Avatar

    Jason M.

    Our beauty salon was on the lookout for a cost-efficient laser hair removal machine, that produced results rapidly and saw British Lasers at the beauty trade show, NEC Birmingham in 2018. After talking with Dr Zarandouz, we decided that the NuTrilaze was the right choice for us, and we haven’t looked back; he even came to our salon to train me and my team in using it. It’s simple to operate and even our newest staff members handle it with confidence. The Trilaze machine is the pinnacle of laser hair removal, producing great results every time, which gives us happy clients! Because we’ve been so pleased with it, we’ve been purchasing our salon equipment from them ever since 🙂

    5-star rating for British Institute of Lasers – looking forward to cooperating again soon!

    Jason M.

  8. Avatar

    Jocelynn D

    We had a lot of people asking about laser hair removal and skin treatments, so after looking around I found the TriLaze from British Institute of Lasers. I tried it on myself and it really is painless and simple to operate. It does everything my clients were wanting, fulfilling my requirements as well, being cost effective and easily paying for itself in the few months since it was delivered. I was giving training in my salon, and that covered more than I knew already. Things like health and safety, skin types and how to get the best out of my machine. It also got me a discount on my insurance – bonus! Due to the time it now takes for hair removal, we can fill more appointments per day, which is great. We’re very impressed, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Nu TriLaze.

    Jocelynn D

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