Nu eRays

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The latest technology in diode lasers utilising cutting edge SuperCoolTM Technology, ensuring an effective and painless method for hair removal.

Easy to operate

Fast & Efficient

Treats ALL skin types, even type VI

No need for external cooling

Free training at your premises or at our training centre

NOW 5 Million shots per handpiece!
One Million shots guaranteed

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Purchase of the Nu eRays includes Free Delivery and training at your premises, or alternatively our premises. Full Info.

Laser Hair Removal Machine


Featuring Nu eRays II

About the Product:


Our professional Nu eRays is perfect for laser clinics and beauty salon owners who are looking to buy a quality, reliable, safe laser hair removal machine.  We are confident enough to say that this is the best value, premium laser of its kind in the industry right now.


The pulse width, pulse shape, pulse energy are parameters affecting the effectiveness of the laser treatment.  Cooling is a very important factor to ensure that the skin is not damaged.  Nu eRays utilises SuperCoolTM technology which cools the tip of the handpiece to below freezing temperatures, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for the client.


Before treatment, we begin by shaving the relevant areas of the body and massaging a gentle cooling gel on to the skin. This step prevents the skin from over-heating and most importantly allows the handpiece to slide over the skin at high frequencies.  Nu eRays can operate at 10Hz, reducing treatment time of large areas to only a few minutes.


We use state of the art technology and provide a second to none customer care service; something we remain proud of for all the laser products we have on offer.



Essential Information

How It Works?

The basic idea behind laser hair removal is using the laser to treat localised sections of the hair, specifically melanin which is key to follicle growth. The laser uses a wavelength (808nm) that is designed to the hair follicle from developing without affecting surrounding skin. The benefit of laser hair removal is that a large area of hair can be treated simultaneously, as opposed to electrolysis which works by targeting each hair individually. This makes the treatment fast and efficient. However caution must be exercised as if used incorrectly, the laser hair removal machine could damage other areas of the skin.

In this process only follicles in which the hair is in the growing stage (called Anagen) can be damaged.  The percentage of Anagen hair varies in different parts of the body and is usually between 25-40%.  Any hair in Catagen or Telogen stage, where hair is not attached to the dermal base cells, is not damaged by lasers.  Depending on the treatment area on average seven treatments spaced approximately three to eight weeks are recommended.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

One of the most common questions we get is how long does laser hair removal last? Laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent. Depending on the amount of sessions and individual skin characteristics, you can expect very little to no hair growth for at least 6 months.

How Quickly Would I Make A Return?

The machine is paid for in just less than EIGHT WEEKS, based on only four treatments per day (Assumes 6 working days per week.  Each treatment £55 + VAT)

Why Isn't The Nu eRays Featured On Any Of The Best Review Sites?

Review websites rely on commission for every sale that happens off the back of their recommendations. They use tracking links and find products from platforms that offer money incentives for affiliate marketers.

Our laser machines are not featured on Amazon, eBay or other platforms, we only sell and distribute exclusively on our website. As there is no incentive for an affiliate marketer to link to our products, they will remain omitted from such review sites.

While we do encourage you to check out review websites, please remember that they are being very selective with their inventory to maximise their potential for generating revenue. You’ll know what we mean if you see a tracking link in the URL to any of the products being reviewed.


To recap, the Nu eRays offers you total control over:

  • Fluence (one of the most powerful lasers in the market)
  • Frequency (super fast)
  • Skin type (all skin types)

Sourcing a quality laser removal machine is paramount to reliability and safety, so let us assist with you in making the right commercial decision.


Free Training & Certificate

We offer free online training courses, or free training at our training centre with the purchase of a machine. It is a mandatory requirement for insurance companies and local councils that operators hold a Certificate of Training, and this is awarded to you on completion of our half or one days training course.
Covering all aspects of the Core of Knowledge, you will learn about the properties of light relating specifically to lasers, targets and how lasers react to different skin types, contraindications, and safety aspects, including operator and patient care. You will also learn the consultation process, post-treatment procedures, and health and safety considerations.
Following this, there is a practical session enabling you to learn how to operate and maintain your new laser machine and ask any questions you may have.


Outstanding Laser Hair Removal Results with the Nu eRays

Results reflect both the Nu Trilaze Plus, Nu Trilaze & the Nu eRays


Sidenote:A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient is included with the machine.  Additional operator’ goggles cost £120, suitable for those clients who want to have a family member or a friend present at the time of treatment.

We also offer an alternative IPL hair removal machine, the Nu eLite, which can also be successfully used for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of broken capillaries and acne infection. Click here for more information.

Laser Type

Diode laser

Laser Wavelength


Spot Size

20mm *12mm (Standard), 10*10, 10*18, 12*20, 12*20, 15mm * 27mm (Optional)

Pulse Width

1-700 ms (adjustable)


1-120 J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10 Hz (adjustable)



Skin Type


System Update

Micro SD port


Floor Standing


8.4” LCD colour touch screen

Laser module energy



Water + Air + Semiconductor


110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

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4.8 overall

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  1. Avatar

    Francis M. Birmingham, UK

    When they said premium laser hair removal machine, they weren’t kidding! 🤯 Some of our regular clients asked us what we are doing differently because they did not experience any of the typical skin irritation that comes with laser hair removal machines and their treatments took less time. Would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a reliable, highly effective and easy to use machine 🤓

    Francis M. Birmingham, UK

  2. Avatar

    Sanjay P

    We’ve had fantastic results with the Nu Trilaze and the Nu eRays which we use respectively across our salons in West Midlands & Warwickshire. Also our gratitude extends to the live support team who have gone to no end to resolve our questions.

    Sanjay P

  3. Avatar

    Megan W. – Manchester

    This machine fits in really well here, however it was a bit of a learning curve and it took me a bit longer than expected to get the hang of things, even with the simple interface. Although it wasn’t something I initially envisaged, I did end up getting the free staff training at my salon which helped tremendously, and it covered much more than just how to use the laser, including H&S which I needed anyway for my license. The team at BIL were always available to help even after the training, whether it was with installation, utilization or adaptation of the machine. Although it arrived a couple of days later than advertised, I think it had to do with the fact I ordered it on the weekend before the last bank holiday. All in all, I’m very satisfied, and pleased I went for it.

    Megan W. – Manchester

  4. Avatar

    Eva M.

    Happy with our purchase. The ordering process was quick and easy and the customer services are helpful. Dr Zarandouz came to train us the Nu eRays and gave us useful pointers on how to make the most of this machine.We’d never heardof the Core of Knowledge lol. As far as diode lasers go, it’s a noticeable improvement on previous models. Thank you!!

    Eva M.

  5. Avatar

    Tracey W.

    British Institute of Lasers has delivered a top-notch service, both in terms of delivery and training at our premises. I’ve had the chance to utilize several different laser hair removal machines over the years, and I believe that the Nu eRays laser is extremely practical, easy to use, and most importantly – efficient and safe.
    I am beyond satisfied with BIL’s professional approach and am happy to recommend both their services and this product to anyone looking for reliable service and high-quality laser hair removal machine for a reasonable price.

    Tracey W.

  6. Avatar

    Dr Kristin W.

    Excellent service, thank you. The ordering process is simple and you get exactly what you pay for. Delivery was fast and we’re glad we opted for the training at our premises, which was thorough and informative. The laser is almost painless even on sensitive areas and is great for a variety of treatments – our clients are happy, and so are we.

    Dr Kristin W.

  7. Avatar

    Helen F.

    I am really happy with my Nu Erays. I didn’t have a big budget to buy a laser and this machine was affordable for me- especially with the payment plan. The whole process of buying the machine to delivery was very smooth. Good communications, polite, friendly and very supportive. Dr Majid came to my salon to train me and two of my therapists. And last but not least, Nu Erays works beautifully with no pain. I’m honestly in love with it 😍

    Helen F.

  8. Avatar

    Ava B. Luxx Health & Beauty

    Since starting with the Nu eRays laser, as a business we haven’t looked back! The quality compared to our old machine is undeniable and the free training was excellent. As I explained on the phone, my council were being really difficult, but when I showed them my new Certificate of Training, they changed their tune and sorted out my business license – many thanks for helping me with them.

    Ava B. Luxx Health & Beauty

  9. Avatar

    Agnieszka & Warren S. – Dublin

    I bought my first laser machine from British Institute at a skin and beauty exhibition and I have already first happy customers. I am delighted with it as clients are happy with quick results and find the treatment no painful. Dr Majid is always available and supportive to us any time. As we are settled in Ireland, the machine was delivered to Dublin in a quick time and Dr Majid came to our salon to set up the machine and provide us with great training. I would recommend British Institute to anyone. Thank you for all Dr Majid.

    Agnieszka & Warren S. – Dublin

  10. Avatar

    Suzie R. – London

    Since buying this laser, my salon has more clients than it’s ever had. Ordering and delivery were really quick, and British Institute of Lasers have been so helpful with Dr Zarandouz coming out himself to train me and my assistants in using the machine. It’s actually very simple to use, but I was happy to receive training in order to gain confidence with it, and it made the local council satisfied with my qualifications, giving me a license to run my business. My clients are happy, so I am, too.

    Suzie R. – London

  11. Avatar

    Tom H.

    Very impressed with the quality of this laser hair removal machine. It arrived fast and the complimentary training by Dr. Zarandouz was very thorough. The NueRays is quiet, painless and renders great results. Great service.

    Tom H.

  12. Avatar

    Vincent L.

    I did a lot of research to buy my laser, and when I came across Nu eRays on the net I was attracted by the price. It was at least 4-5 times cheaper than anything else I had seen. Then customer reviews made me more interested, so
    I asked them for prove that their laser works. They introduced me to one of their customers with the same machine. She was very happy with the laser and she said that she had an IPL before which was useless. I visited her salon which was less than one hour drive to see it myself. Anyway I ordered the laser. The laser was delivered to me after a few weeks with free delivery. I was trained by Dr Zarandouz who taught me a lot.
    Now I have had the laser for six months. My customers are happy and I am pleased with it and it has never let me down, cheap to run, and most importantly it works.

    Vincent L.

  13. Avatar

    Heather H. – London

    This is the second laser I’ve bought from British Institute of Lasers. The machines are excellent and it’s nice to deal with such a friendly and helpful company. Highly recommended.

    Heather H. – London

  14. Avatar

    Lynn C. Rejuvenate Skin & Beauty

    Another fantastic service from British Lasers. After switching to Nu eRays, our laser hair removal treatments are in high demand. The service and training from British Lasers means we won’t go anywhere else for our laser machines. Highly recommend! 🔥🔥🔥

    Lynn C. Rejuvenate Skin & Beauty

  15. Avatar

    Jessica A. The Happy Skin Club

    Thank you British Institute of Lasers – we love our new machine. Great results mean less treatments for our clients.

    Jessica A. The Happy Skin Club

  16. Avatar

    Patrick J.

    Product is great and really like the supercool technology which has created some good upselling opportunities at my work place. Make sure you have a shave before you treat the surface and push down hard so the laser penetrates right down to the root. It’ll save you having to go over it again and again! Is not uncomfortable and easy to move and use. It’s certainly worth the investment if you use this kind a of product a lot

    Patrick J.

  17. Avatar

    Nadia K. Gloss Spa

    The Nu eRays is the first laser machine that I’ve been able to rely on to perform perfect hair removal regardless of the skin type. The build quality is sturdy and can withstand heavy every day use. This my 3rd year on this machine and I’ve never had an issue with the parts. The cooling technology is excellent and will soothe even the most irritated skin. If you’re going to buy one laser for your salon….get this one!

    Nadia K. Gloss Spa

  18. Avatar

    Jessica R.

    This machine works well. What I especially love is that it copes well with a variety of skin colours and hair. The machine is easy to operate with a combination of settings, allowing you to treat sensitive skin gently while still producing an effective result. One of the best features is that it works like a dream at 10hz, which will let you cover large areas of skin in less than 2 minutes. Happy to recommend

    Jessica R.

  19. Avatar

    Samantha P. Cosmetic Beauty Laser Clinic

    Quality diode laser at a competitive price but the delivery took a lot longer than expected. It took us several phone calls to find out the status of our order. Once we finally got through, however, the customer services were helpful and apologetic. We would order again but check the delivery at the time of purchase.

    Samantha P. Cosmetic Beauty Laser Clinic

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Hi Samantha,

      We sincerely apologise for the delay, and we thank you for being so patient and understanding. We are, unfortunately, at the mercy of our suppliers who export the laser machines, but delays like this are extremely rare. However, we will look into why you didn’t receive an immediate response to your enquiry. Please accept our humblest apologies, and a complimentary store credit towards your next purchase.

      Kindest regards

      British Institute of Lasers

  20. Avatar

    Ambrose L. The Garden Spa

    We use our Nu eRays daily, it’s powerful, easy to operate and pain-free for our patients. Love it!

    Ambrose L. The Garden Spa

  21. Avatar

    Sarah H. – London

    Needed a machine that would be be easy to use, and cheap enough to afford but have the quality that I needed. Got this for my salon and my girls are over the moon with the results. It’s mostly the older girls that come in for. To be honest, I’m not too sure about the technical specs but I was very pleased with the manual that came with the product and the easy to operate interface of the laser. I had a couple of queries and James was very quick to take on board and resolve my queries. 5 stars from Sarah 🙂

    Sarah H. – London

  22. Avatar

    Raphael R.

    Whilst there was problems over the delivery and I was in a queue for two months to get my machine, I can’t dispute the quality of the product at all. It looks the part aesthetically and delivers in all areas where functionality matters.

    Majid was a delight to work with, and was very accommodating over the initial issue with the delivery of the product. Excellent training programme, too, which enabled me to get cheaper insurance.

    Raphael R.

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Dear Raphael,

      Once again we are sincerely apologetic for the delay, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. We are sadly at the mercy of our suppliers who export the laser machines overseas. Very rarely do delays like this happen, and we hope the store credit will come in handy during your next purchase.
      Kindest regards

      British Institute of Lasers

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