Nu Lipo

(18 customer reviews)

Effective and safe reduction of excessive body fat.

3 Technologies in one machine: Diode laser, Cavitation, Bi-Polar

Lose at least ONE INCH off your waistline in just one treatment!

Optional Professional Trolley

Skin Tightening

Collagen Production

12 Laser pads with 76 diodes

Easy to Transport, Ideal for Mobile Therapists

Free online training or in-house at our training centre

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Laser Lipo Machines


Featuring Nu Lipo

Our ultrasonic laser lipolysis cavitation slimming machine, is ideal for home or business usages and suitable for all skin types.  The machine is paid for in just less than TWO MONTHS, based on only one treatment per day.

It uses three advanced non-invasive technologies for

01. Fat reduction

02. Skin tightening

03. Collagen production


Essential Information

How does the diode laser work?

The laser energy is applied to the skin through eight big and four small laser pads. This results in breakdown of the fatty tissues and their subsequent discharge from the body by lymphatic system.  The application is ideal for areas such as waist, thighs, and arms.  Our laser lipolysis machine is equipped with 12 laser pads (8 big and 4 small ones). There are 9 diodes in each big pad and 1 diode in each small pad, with a total of 76 diodes.


How does Radio Frequency (RF) Cavitation work?

The machine uses the ultrasound technology for effective breakdown of fat issues and cellulite adipose. Ideal for areas such as  abdomen, chest, thighs, and arms.


How does the NuLipo use Bipolar Radio Frequency?

It employs a weak electric current which stimulates the cells in cutaneous strata, thereby activating their self-regenerating properties.  This results in collagen production and an increase in skin tightness and elasticity.  Nu Lipo is equipped with four tips suitable for different areas of face.


The most important factors in assessing how well laser lipolysis is working is the wavelength and the energy delivered. There has been a lot of research into how wavelengths impact on specific areas such as fat, blood vessels and collagen. The key is the absorption coefficients present in these chromophores, which react to certain wavelengths more than others (photothermolysis). Any lipolytic effects and tightening of the skin is catalysed through the laser's heat.

How quickly could you see a return?

The machine is paid for in just less than THREE MONTHS, based on only one treatment per day (Assumes six working days per week.  Each treatment £50 +VAT).

Why isn't the Nu Lipo featured on any of the best review sites?

At British Institute of Lasers we have chosen to omit our products from third party sites. This means that our laser machines are not listed on sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Being able to sell directly to our customers exclusively on our own website allows us to provide a more personal service. We take great pride in our machines and are always looking to foster a positive relationship with our customers.

Although we encourage you to explore online reviews before making a purchase, take care when reading review websites. These affiliate marketing sites operate based on a money incentive, where they earn a percentage of fees for products they advertise. This means that you may not always be getting a complete and unbiased review of the best machines on the market.

To get an honest opinion on our laser machines, we invite you to reach out to us. We can provide you with genuine testimonials from other customers and give you an opportunity to see the machine for yourself.


Free Training & Certificate

All of our lasers include free online training or optional half-day to one-day training course at our training centre. Training is carried out by either Dr Zarandouz or Dr Ebdon. We cover all major aspects of Core of Knowledge, properties of light and laser beams, nomenclature, types of laser machines, types of targets for laser beam, structure of a laser machine, cooling, skin structure, interactions of light with skin, contra-indications, pre- treatment and post- treatment procedures, safety aspects (machine, treatment room, operator and patient) and consultation procedure. This is followed by a practical session where you learn how to operate the machine safely and effectively.
A certificate of training is then awarded, which is a mandatory requirement by insurance companies and the Councils to perform treatments. For those outside the UK training videos and on-line training is available.


Outstanding Laser Lipo & Skin Rejuvenation results with the Nu Lipo


Sidenote: A pair of laser goggles for the operator and an eye shield for the patient is included in the package.


lipolaser and cavitation

LD Wavelength

650nm (Standard), 940nm/ 980nm (optional)

Single-Laser Output Power

0-140mW (adjustable)

Cavitation Frequency


Cavitation Max Output


Cavitation Intensity

0-5 W/cm2



System Update

USB port




8.4” LCD colour touch screen


air (optional water cooling)

Power Supply

110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

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4.8 overall

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  1. Avatar

    Beth P

    After having been let down by my previous supplier, I wanted to find a company that I could trust. Katharine was great from our first conversation, she went through everything in loads of detail, and didn’t even mind my constant questions! We can’t wait to be able to open again to be able to use it in the salon. A big thumbs up to Katharine & Dr Zarandouz! 🥰

    Beth P

  2. Avatar

    Jamie W.

    If you want a proper laser machine that can reduce your body fat fast, this is it. I used to buy from another big supplier but was often let down by the poor quality of the products. This machine has lasted for several years now and still works good as new. It’s comfortable for clients, and while there’s no ‘magic bullet’ for losing weight, the results speak for themselves.

    Jamie W.

  3. Avatar

    Dr Kodo T. – Tyne Avenue Practice

    Met with Dr Zarandouz at a B2B event in Earls Court and had a great discussion about the benefits of Lipo work and how the industry was rapidly changing. We swapped cards and three months later British Institute of Lasers products are embedded deep within my practice, and making a big difference to my business.

    Dr Kodo T. – Tyne Avenue Practice

  4. Avatar

    Rachel T – London

    Everyone wants laser lipo now, so in order to boost my salon, I jumped on the bandwagon, and I’m so glad I did. The Nu Lipo is really effective. The training from Dr Majid covered absolutely everything, and he answered all my many questions very patiently – I’ve framed my Certificate, like I said I would! The machine itself is well made, easy to use, and I can tailor the treatment for each client, allowing them to leave feeling trimmer, younger and happier, which I love seeing. 10/10 ✅ 🔟

    Rachel T – London

  5. Avatar

    Aaron P.

    Thank you, British Institute of Lasers! This machine works and is made to last. We ordered the first one after meeting Dr Zarandouz at a beauty and skincare exhibition, and as we witnessed our business progress, we found ourselves in need of another one. All our clients testify that results are visible after a single treatment. We’re also very happy with the adaptability of the machine – as each customers requirements and physique is different, its a great benefit that this machine comes with adjustable penetration. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on other BIL machines as our business grows

    Aaron P.

  6. Avatar

    Leon S.

    The machine is relatively easy to use and comes with a great manual. If you’re not really experienced (like I wasn’t), Dr Majid will give you in-depth training and advice on how to make the best out of your Nu Lipo. It feels very sophisticated and modern and I’m extremely satisfied with the results it produces. The customer service were really helpful and the order arrived within 3 working days. Couldn’t be happier!

    Leon S.

  7. Avatar

    Carolyn A.

    Many thanks to Dr Zarandouz for coming out to train myself and my therapists and showing us how to optimise the Nu Lipo for our clients. We’re happy with the performance and glad we chose British Institute of Lasers as our trusted supplier 💯🔥

    Carolyn A.

  8. Avatar

    Jon M.

    A well priced, reliable laser that’s ideal for practitioners. Clients can see results after one treatment and the 3-in-1 technologies mean you can explore with new treatment methods. We highly recommend the training from Dr Zarandouz, who is an expert in this laser and its applications. We were left feeling confident with our new equipment and full of new ideas to offer our clients.

    Jon M.

  9. Avatar

    India F.

    All I can testify is that it WORKS! There is a slight hum that comes from the machines, but they tell you about this and it’s nothing to worry about. Just focus on the results, as every one is different and will experience it differently.

    India F.

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Dear India,

      We apologise wholeheartedly for any hum; if you adjust the single laser output power down by 1-2 when using the Cavitation feature, this will eliminate any sound from the Nu Lipo machine. Kindest regards

      British Institute of Lasers

  10. Avatar

    Tina M.

    One of my main concerns with purchasing a product like this was to be able to control the intensity at which the laser would penetrate the skin. The Nu Lipo allows this, with a selection of pads and relative diode control.
    Expected it to take a lot longer with international shipping, but arrived the date stated, so cannot argue. User friendly if in the industry. Do not operate unless you read the manual first, I got rather arrogant due to excitement and made an oopsie! A must have nonetheless.

    Tina M.

  11. Avatar

    Jody Y.

    We are happy that the Nu Lipo ticks all our boxes. Its easy to operate, highly effective on cavitation and skin tightening and comfortable enough for our customers. We couldn’t have asked for more.

    Jody Y.

  12. Avatar

    Adam B.

    Found the unit really easy to use, and the manual can be easily followed. Good training too. Out of the two laser lipo machines I’ve bought online, the Nu Lipo triumphs. The product arrived three days later than expected. To their credit, I was given notification about this though and it was all oky.

    Adam B.

  13. Avatar

    Damien T. – Greater London

    Thanks to this machine, we’ve been able to expand the range of treatments that we provide our clients. No complaints about the ordering process, delivery came within 3-working days and everything worked perfectly. Even got unlimited customer support in case we have any trouble and free training. We’ll be back.

    Damien T. – Greater London

  14. Avatar

    Stacey H. Infinity Beauty

    While this is by far one of the best laser lipo machines that we’ve tried, we were slightly disappointed that two of the laser pads were defective. Luckily the customer services sent replacements within 2-working days.

    Stacey H. Infinity Beauty

    • British Institute of Lasers

      British Institute of Lasers

      Hi Stacey! Thank you for your kind feedback. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies that the laser pads included in your order were not up to our meticulous standards. We’re glad that you received replacements promptly. If you require any further assistance on this matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team and we’ll look into it for you.

      British Institute of Lasers

  15. Avatar

    Kevin H. The Glow Institute

    Just wanted to say thank you to British Lasers for sourcing us with our lipo machine. If you’re thinking about buying a laser lipo machine for your business at a reasonable price, this is a great choice.

    Kevin H. The Glow Institute

  16. Avatar

    Rosey H. Butterfly Practice

    I was referred to British Lasers while searching for a cutting edge lipo machine for my surgery. The service from Dr Zarandouz and his team has been outstanding throughout and we’re looking forward to investing in more products.

    Rosey H. Butterfly Practice

  17. Avatar

    Sam H. The Better Clinic

    I recently bought a Nu Lipo machine from British Lasers. Customer support and delivery were excellent and the product exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality and price. Would highly recommend.

    Sam H. The Better Clinic

  18. Avatar

    Dr Amir P. Clinic Proprietor

    As an experienced owner of a Laser Lipo clinic, there comes a time to replace old or broken equipment. You need to evaluate your old equipment and see if there is anything better and more affordable in the market.

    I had already used two laser lipo machines and was shopping for a third one. I decided to try something new and after numerous enquiries, I visited the British Laser Institute. Majid Zarandouz was a most honest and knowledgeable person, and as a fellow Doctor, it was refreshing to talk to someone who understands the finer technical specifications of the lasers I sought.

    The quality of training was great with attention to detail and no rush at all. All my patients are satisfied with the treatment which translates to more income – which is what business is all about!

    Dr Amir P. Clinic Proprietor

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