Buying a laser hair removal machine for your salon is an important decision, especially with the temptations that come from buying cheap lasers from China, or a second machine altogether.

In this article, we will guide you through the buying process, discussing the process of buying a laser machine, considering the specifications of the machine itself, through the legalities and training required to practice laser hair removal at your clinic. We use the Nu TriLaze Plus as a specific example in this guide, because it has all the elements needed in a laser machine.

Introducing the
The new, highly advanced laser hair removal machine delivers remarkable results, and elicits rave reviews from salon professionals and their clients.
Award winning, affordable and with FDA Approval/Medical CE certification, the Nu TriLaze is recommended by the team at British Institute of Lasers.

Why the NuTriLaze Plus Zaps the Competition!

FDA Approved? Medical CE Certification? Based in the UK? Type of Laser? Price Band
Nu TriLaze Plus ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Alexandrite Diode Nd:YAG £16,000
Candela Gentle Pro Series Alexandrite Nd:YAG £50,000
Cynosure Icon ✔️ Alexandrite Nd:YAG £40,000


FDA Approved

When buying a laser you should look for one that is CE and FDA approved. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as part of the Department of Health and Human Services, is responsible for protecting the public from products that could harm them.

There are four main classes of lasers recognised (I to IV), and generally, the higher the class, the more powerful and potentially damaging the laser if misused. The Nu TriLaze Plus has successfully satisfied the FDA regulators that it meets their stringent criteria and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of users and clients.

Neither of the Nu TriLaze Plus’ main competitors has this endorsement.


Medical CE Certified

The NuTriLaze Plus is categorised as a class IV medical laser machine. A Medical CE Mark is a legal necessity to market this device in Europe and the UK. This demonstrates that the machine meets the General Safety and Performance Requirements (GSPR) of all the applicable European Medical Device Regulations.

The Nu TriLaze Plus stands out for being among the few machines awarded the highly sought-after Medical CE Certification.

You should search out a laser with high specifications. Its important for businesses to invest in their products so that clients keep returning satisfied with the results.

These are the specifications you should look out for, and are also featured in the Nu TriLaze Plus.

Machine Specifications

  • Award-winning laser hair removal machine
  • FDA Approved
  • Medical CE Certified
  • 3 Lasers in 1 Machine – Alexandrite, diode and Nd:YAG lasers allow all skin types to be treated successfully
  • Cutting edge SuperCool™ Technology delivers a comfortable, pain-free experience
  • No external cooling required
  • Twice as efficient as all other lasers
  • Costs less than 1p per 20 shots to operate
  • Easy and comfortable to operate – even for long hours
  • Free training at your premises or our training centre
  • Online training available


In the world of laser technology you really get what you pay for. Investing in a high quality laser will save you money in the long run because the machine will last longer, especially with training provided. When comparing prices, please note that while we’re using the most recent prices from our competitors, they are subject to change, and with US-based companies, vary depending on the current exchange rates.

The Nu TriLaze Plus sells for £16,400 + VAT. This includes free delivery and training at your salon or our premises.

There are also finance options available from £362 per month.

The costs advertised by other brand leaders are double, and in many cases almost triple, the price of the Nu TriLaze Plus.



Laser hair removal machines work by focusing the laser light beam on targeted areas.
The laser heats up the hair, using the pigment in the hair’s shaft to carry the heat deep into the follicle. Once there, the heat destroys the root, preventing the hair from regrowing without affecting any of the surrounding skin.


The Nu TriLaze uses three lasers, each able to effectively treat a different skin tone and hair type. From pale hair and skin to darker tones, the Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG lasers work together to produce impressive results.

User-Friendly Interface

The Nu TriLaze Plus’ improved interface features simple, intuitive controls that are easy to use, making treatments effortless for all involved.


Ergonomically Designed Handpiece

Delivering shots at a rate of 10 per second – less than 0.05 pence per shot, makes the Nu TriLaze Plus highly cost-effective and allows the time-efficient treatment of large areas, such as legs. The handpiece is light and comfortable to hold, even after a full day of appointments, and won’t leave you with aches or pains.

Why Choose British Institute of Lasers

Founder and CEO of British Institute of Lasers, Dr Majid Zarandouz, has been a figurehead in the laser hair removal industry for over 40 years.

After achieving a degree in organic chemistry, a Master’s in radiochemistry and a PhD in Polymers Science and Technology, Dr Zarandouz specialised in dermatology, concentrating on lasers and their applications. This led him to bring together a world-class team of experts and, in 2015, form British Institute of Lasers.

Continuing to develop award-winning laser hair removal machines, British Institute of Lasers leads the way in innovative ideas, incorporating highly advanced technology into
professional-quality, affordable machines.

When you buy a laser hair removal machine, such as the Nu TriLaze Plus, from British Institute of Lasers, you’re purchasing:

  • Free Training – at your salon, our training centre or online
  • Certificate of Training permitting you to carry out commercial treatments in the UK
  • Global Safety Regulation Adherence including Medical CE Approved/FDA Certified
  • Cutting edge SuperCool™ technology
  • Expert knowledge
  • Advanced components
  • Lifetime support
  • Outstanding customer service

Why Shouldn’t I Get a Laser Hair Removal Machine From eBay?

As you’d expect, the laser hair removal machines sold on Amazon or eBay are generally from sellers located in China, and while the prices may seem tempting, don’t be lured in by false promises that disguise inferior, and sometimes dangerous, products.

Without the UK’s strict laws on quality and safety, machines shipped from the Far East carry a high risk of causing skin damage for the user and the client and are likely to deliver a less-than-favourable result. A lack of after-sales service is also a problem, and in excess of 70% of the repairs British Institute of Lasers deal with are machines bought on eBay or Amazon.

This all adds up to show that buying laser hair removal machines from sources such as eBay or Amazon can, at best, be a waste of money and injure someone and invalidate your insurance.


Should I Buy a Second-Hand Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Although purchasing a second-hand machine can work out well if a reputable company manufactured it, you need to know how it has been maintained and understand that it will lack standard warranty terms. Any repairs, therefore, can be expensive.


What Should I Consider When Buying a Salon Hair Removal Machine?

The decision to purchase a laser hair removal machine for your salon, whether you are starting or already own an established business, can seem overwhelming, but by breaking down what matters into bite-size pieces, it suddenly looks a lot clearer.

The Laser Hair Removal Machine

When considering the machine for you, research the specific features of each model, including:

  • Certification and awards – it’s important to purchase a laser hair removal machine that fulfils the relevant legal requirements. This demonstrates that you’re buying a machine that is reliable, efficient, and safe. The Nu TriLaze Plus has been awarded both FDA Certification and Medical CE Approval. In many cases, it can help reduce your insurance premiums, too.
  • Speed – to be an asset to your salon, your new machine must allow many clients to be treated daily. This is attained by having a mix of laser types to target different hair/skin tones. The Nu TriLaze Plus, for example, delivers three laser lights capable of ‘zapping’ every type of hair during the treatment session – no need to waste time changing equipment. The handpiece should be an appropriate size thus allowing a large area of skin to be treated at a time. It should also be designed to deliver a lot of shots per second, with ten considered to be an effective rate.
  • User interface – the control panel should be clear and easy to use. With an intuitive interface, anyone can perform treatments with minimal effort. The Nu TriLaze Plus gives the user complete control, featuring an interface with clear instructions, large text, and logical pathways.
  • Warranty – your new laser hair removal machine should have a warranty. However, this is only worthwhile if the company issuing the guarantee is reputable and successful. British Institute of Lasers’ machines all come with a full years warranty, meaning you’ve invested wisely if you’ve chosen one of their machines.



Many reputable companies will often provide training on using your particular machine, but search out one that offers certifiable training, covering a more comprehensive range of topics.
Teaching you the significant elements of the essential Core of Knowledge, including skin structure and types and health and safety protocol, alongside the machine operation, British Institute of Lasers provide this and more, awarding a Certificate of Training upon completion.

If you plan to practice laser hair removal commercially, this Certificate of Training is necessary to satisfy local councils and insurance companies.


When purchasing a laser hair removal machine, you should also gain access to customer support. Providing advice, information and help, the customer support team need to be accessible, either online or by phone, whenever you want them.

In the unlikely event that your machine develops a fault, you need to know help is at hand, allowing your business to continue.


Your new laser is only as good as the company that designed, built and marketed it. If the company lacks authority, access to industry experts and doesn’t put the customer first, then why would you buy one of their machines?

The team at British Institute of Lasers have over 25 years of industry knowledge and expertise between them. They have also attracted countless 4.7+ reviews on Google and their product pages.

With an outstanding reputation for innovative design, excellent customer support and a highly effective training course,
purchasing one of their laser hair removal machines
makes perfect sense.

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