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9 Affordable Skincare Tips

Taking care of your skin has never been easy. You need to develop a routine to ensure that your skin is glowing and in good health. Here are some expert skincare tips by the British Institute of Lasers, the leading laser machine supplier in the UK, to ensure the same:

  1. One of the most sensitive areas of your skin is your lips. The best thing to do in order to keep them moist is to use lip balm or a chap stick. It will help prevent damage from UV rays from the sun while keeping the lips soft to the touch.
  2.  Do not be tempted to hide acne with heavy makeup. If you suffer from acne, it is best to avoid excessive makeup. It can aggravate the situation. Consider using makeup only when the acne has subsided.
  3. Skin cleanser is vital to the restoration of your skin health. It is recommended that you use it only after washing your face and before the application of makeup. This way, the balance of oil on your skin will improve. Note that applying skin cleanser on oily skin only results in additional oil being produced by the skin.
  4. In recent times, chemical peels have been introduced to assist people with adverse skin conditions. This acts as a last resort to people whose skin does not respond to the first line of skin treatment.
  5. For you to maintain healthy skin, using a skin moisturiser is essential. Moisturiser prevents your skin from drying up leaving it soft and giving you a younger look. This is applicable to your hands as well.
  6. When the dead skin on your facial skin does not come off after the normal washing procedure, you can opt to ex-foliate. Remove dead skin from your face by scrubbing with granulated sugar, an exfoliating glove or apricot scrub. However, you should only undertake this procedure bi-weekly at the most. Your skin will become softer after this way.
  7. If you visit the gym for a workout, make sure you take a shower shortly afterwards. It is necessary to scrub your whole body preferably with warm water. The skin will be thoroughly dried out and you can do this using a body wash that contains moisturisers and vitamins.
  8. Watch your diet. Taking a snack consisting of watercress for example, is good for the skin because of the various nutrients it contains. In addition, you need to lead a life devoid of stress or lower the stress that you experience in your life. This helps with clearing your complexion too.
  9. If you suffer from eczema, avoid the use of lotions or soaps that that have a strong fragrance. Steer clear of clothing made from polyester and stick to cotton fibres. Even wool aggravates the eczema skin condition. In addition, the make up you use should be made from natural products devoid of artificial additives or dyes.

Taking care of your skin health will guarantee that you are comfortable all the time. It ensures that you retain your natural beauty both inwardly and on the outside too. This helps you cope with the challenges of life more easily!

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