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Cosmetic Surgery: Its Rise in Popularity


Cosmetic surgery, body modification and flawless celebrities have been in the media, on TV screens and throughout the internet for so long that it has been ingrained in popular culture as the ultimate way to get the body you have always dreamed of. However, even your favourite celebrities like Victoria Beckham aren’t perfect; she is often seen with her painful bunions on display, after all.

Popular TV cosmetic doctors Dr Nasif and Dr Dubrow. Image Credit: USAtoday

The teams behind the scenes work diligently under pressure to give their customers the look they crave in order to transform their lives forever. Every day, we read stories about extreme makeovers, new ways to modify the human body and alter the way we are seen on a permanent basis.

Body Mods

Sewing up torn ear lobes, breast implants, Botox injections were the norm, but these days people are wanting buttock augmentation, elf ears, tattooed eyeballs and scarification on a much larger scale than ever before.

Image Credit: Pinterest

While the media may never accept some of the stranger, more acquired, cosmetic procedures around; the rise in popularity of tattoos and subsequent removal processes ensures that people will always want to modify their bodies.

For anyone in the business, it is always a risk to try out new procedures, but seeing fantastic results really demonstrates that hard work and innovation will always persevere and change the way our industry works forever.

Here, at British Lasers, we think the innovative way in which practitioners and surgeons change their patients’ lives with cosmetic surgery is something to be applauded. While some modifications aren’t always to the wider public’s tastes; body modification and surgery is a personal journey that can help them mentally as well as physically altering their body.

British Lasers

We strive for the highest standards possible, in the hope that one day our industry will achieve the recognition it deserves. Beauty Awards and Aesthetic Awards already exist, but we believe it is not enough. We need to celebrate the most innovative, daring procedures and congratulate the best practitioners and surgeons; especially here in the UK.

Nu TriLaze Plus

We look to supply companies such as ourselves with state of the art laser and IPL machines for incredible and life-changing results, while in the wider industry, and we look to our patients to come together and recognise the high standards that exist in the wider cosmetic industry.

Contact us if you would like more information about our industry, our products, and our services. Our goal is to educate, promote safety, and provide top-notch customer service.

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